Mastering photography: the parents’ guide

Although many of us tend to grumble when the camera gets pulled out, there can be nothing better than looking back at some of your fondest and funniest memories. Not only do they help transport us back to a particular place, but they can really take us back to a certain time in our lives – a great asset for those with kids who seem to grow every time you turn around!

But what are the most precious of photographs? That’d be your family holiday snaps, right? They capture your family during those special moments that can’t easily be recreated. So, to ensure you get the most out of your holiday, we’ve created this guide, allowing you to capture your fondest holiday moments with your children like you’ve never captured them before. These days, with the amount of photo-enhancing technology available, the way your document your holidays can be better than ever before.

Here are five ways you can revolutionise the way you capture your precious memories…

Make the sun shine…

…Even when it isn’t! There’s nothing worse than getting your photos home and friends and family commenting on how dull the weather looked. Or worse, having to huddle together for a rushed holiday photo ‘whilst the sun’s out’! Well, now you don’t have to wait for the sun to come out OR put up with frustrating conjectures from friends and family. By playing with filters on Instagram, it’s a problem solved. If you haven’t heard of Instagram, you’ve probably seen photos that have been taken using this app, even if you didn’t know it. It’s one of the easiest ways to edit photos and it’s free to download. By applying a filter such as ‘Amaro’, ‘Rise’, ‘Walden’ or ‘1977’ (and ignoring the bizarre names), you can brighten up your photos significantly.

Image before retouching



Image after retouching


Get the focus right

It’s a well-known fact that children (and animals) are the hardest to work with in the world of photography. Perhaps your child insists that they have their favourite toy dangling from one arm or someone’s dog is creeping into the corner of the shot. This is where the crop tool comes in. Most phones and computer programmes will have it, and it simply involves selecting the square you wish to focus on (ensuring all cuddly toys, random tourists and unsightly bits of scaffolding are out of shot), and voila!

Image before retouching



Image after editing


Lower the tone

Ever wondered how people’s photos look so retro, when it’s evidently a recent shot? They might look like they’ve been sat in an old photo album for years or maybe they grab your attention because they look more atmospheric than your average photo? Well, they haven’t invented the time machine and travelled back to yesteryear; once again it’s all in the photo editing. Using an app like Instagram is the easiest way to do this, as you can use your set of filters to create a range of effects. The ‘1997’ filter will make your photos look a little bleached, as if they have faded with age. ‘Valencia’ and ‘Earlybird’ are other filter options that work in a similar way, to give your photos that vintage edge by using faded colours and soft lighting effects.

Image before editing



Image after editing


Have a play and get arty!

One of the best tips of all is to simply have a play around with your photos. Use your imagination; it might be that the pesky, blurred flower that’s in the foreground of the shot is what makes it what it is. Once it’s taken, differing effects can then be created by playing with the tone, exposure and contrast of your photo. So why not have a mess around? The more you experiment, the quicker and more skilled you’ll become at capturing some great photos. All you need to do now is find the perfect setting for them!

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