Top 10 Dog Walks In France

No dog owner likes to leave their pet behind when jetting off for an exciting holiday and thanks to the animal-friendly resorts across Europe, you don’t have to!

Barneville, Normandy

Barneville, Normandy

Here we look at 10 great dog walks in France and suggest dog-friendly campsites available with Canvas Holidays to help you have the perfect holiday with your pooch.

1. QuautreLacs (Jura)

Explore four lakes on this easy route which takes you well away from roads to offer ample picnic opportunities and impressive views.

Difficulty: easy

Length: 6.7 miles (just over 3 hours)

Scenery: mountains, lakes, butterflies and wildlife

Nearby campsite: Domaine de Chalain – Lac de Chalain, Jura (approx 11.6 miles)


2. The Trieux Valley

Enjoy peace and serenity on this quiet walk, which weaves through woodlands and offers a decent view of the impressive Château de la Roche-Jagu, which dates back to the 15thcentury.

Difficulty: moderate

Length: 7.45 miles (4 hours)

Scenery: woodland, river, hills and wildlife

Nearby campsite: Camping le Châtelet – St Cast, Côtes-d’Armor, North Brittany (approx 62.2 miles)


3. Lac du Drennec – Sizun – Lac du Drennec

Starting with a lakeside stroll and passing the River Elorn, this walk has plenty of great features including contorted trees and luscious greenery. The route passes over some roads but traffic is minimal and the crossing quick.

Difficulty: moderate

Length: 8.7 miles (just under 4 hours)

Scenery: lake, woodland, wildlife, farmland, hamlets and rivers

Nearby campsite: Camping les Deux Fontaines – Raguenès, South Brittany (approx 30.7 miles)


4. Saint-Barthélemy de Bellegarde (yellow circuit)

Not for the faint-hearted, this walk passes through the impressive Dordogne countryside, but is also used by mountain bikers and horse riders, so you’ll need to take necessary precautions.

Difficulty: moderate / difficult

Length: 4.8 miles (2-3 hours)

Scenery: countryside, woodland, wildlife and impressive views

Nearby campsite: Camping la Palombière , Dordogne (both around 80 miles away)


5. The Kings Path

Although the entire walk takes days to complete, we recommend joining the section which follows the Cher River and joins Loire via the Amboise forest for an unbeatable experience.

Difficulty: moderate

Length: self-set

Scenery: woodland/forest, river, hills and wildlife

Nearby campsite: Château des Marais – Chambord, Loire (approx 36.6 miles)


6.Liausson – Col de Portes – Montage de Liausson

This is the perfect opportunity to flex those muscles and marvel at everything from mountains and hills to lakes and fells.

Difficulty: moderate

Length: 4.4 miles (2hours 16mins)

Scenery: lakes, mountain, woodland, hills, fells and wildlife

Nearby campsite: Camping Cala Gogo – St Cyprien, Languedoc-Roussillon (approx 105 miles)


7.Montsd’Ardèche Regional Nature Park

Covering 180,000 hectares, we recommendsetting your own agenda in this impressive park and enjoy a gentle ramble in one of the area’s best natural attractions.

Difficulty: easy

Length: self-set

Scenery: mountain views, wildlife, woodland/forest and hills

Nearby campsite: Camping Val de Cantobre – Cévennes, Ardèche (approx 41 miles)


8. Montagne de Beaune

Suitable for families and with a handy shortcut, this great path guides you along the Beaune Mountain and through the vineyards of Les Grèves.

Difficulty: easy

Length: 6.2 miles (2 hours 30 mins)

Scenery: vineyards, mountain, hills and fields

Nearby campsite: Château de l’Epervière – Gigny-sur-Saône, Saône-et-Loire, Burgundy (approx 22.1 miles)


9. The Contentin Coast

This is another walk which takes days to complete in full, so we recommend taking part in the final leg of the tour, which runs from Barneville to Denneville.

Difficulty: moderate

Length: 8.4 miles (3-4 hours)

Scenery: coastal path, beaches, ocean, wildlife and an old bridge

Nearby campsite: Camping du Golf – Barneville-Carteret, Normandy (approx 2.2 miles)


10. Footpath of Les Roselières

Explore the stunning lake and natural scenery in the Haute-Savoire and Savoire regions by trailing this protected footpath.

Difficulty: easy

Length: 5 miles (1 hour 30 mins)

Scenery: lake, countryside, fauna, flora and wildlife

Nearby campsite: La Ferme de la Serraz – Lake Annecy, French Alps (approx 207 miles)



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