How to camp Moda style

Moda mobile homes

The two-bedroom Moda at Marina de Venezia

After a long journey, lugging heavy bags in and out of various vehicles – all done wearing clothes fit for a British climate rather than some Italian spring sunshine – it’s always such a great feeling to finally arrive at your holiday accommodation.

When the friendly campsite courier greets you with those long-anticipated words “I’ll show you to your accommodation”, nothing beats that feeling that the holiday is very much here.

Anyone who regularly holidays in a mobile home knows very much what to expect: a compact home from home that the kids instantly fall in love with – charming but rarely stylish, functional rather than fashionable.

So imagine my delight arriving at Canvas’ new Moda two-bedroom mobile at Marina de Venezia after a long drive across Italy. This was love at first sight. The homes are lined up in a leafy avenue in a quiet spot of the campsite, and the first thing you notice is the rather generous decking area and already you’re picturing endless barbecues before a bag has even been unpacked.

On closer inspection, the excitement doesn’t fade. The double glass patio doors – ever so slightly smudged as a result, we’re told, of passers-by regularly pressing their nose against the glass to peer inside – reveal a contemporary and spacious interior, an environment you can definitely see yourself unwinding in after long days exploring, sightseeing, swimming, cycling or just doing very little.

Moda interior

Inside the Moda mobile home.

Once inside, it’s sorely tempting to immediately crack open the bottle of red wine welcoming us on the breakfast bar and stretch out on the very comfortable looking sofa, and simply watch the last of the sunlight cast shadows through the trees.

But no rest for the wicked, as they say, there is unpacking to be done! The ample double bedroom offers enough floor space for a bag, as well as decent storage space for anything that needs hung up. Books and gadgets can find pride of place on the shelving or bedside tables to really mark your territory.

For refreshment, the well-equipped kitchen is very smart, offering enough room and worktop space to make a family meal, if you so desired. However you can’t beat a proper Italian pizza, so after a long day, the most appealing option is definitely an outing to the campsite restaurant.

Moda shower room

A generous shower room

Often, a stay away can mean making do with a shower that never quite seems as good as your own but the walk-in shower in the Moda is surprisingly effective – perfect for washing the sand away after a long, sticky day on the beach. The shower-room also has enough wiggle room to perform all those essential personal grooming duties that take up bathroom space and time.

A good night’s sleep comes easily on the comfortable double bed, only to be disturbed by the sound of the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops. It seems that the Moda’s one flaw is that it can’t stop bad weather on your holiday but who doesn’t love the sound of rain falling on a mobile home? I was relieved that despite all its sleek fixtures and fittings and modern home comforts, the Moda experience still captures all the charm of the camping experience. Its very clever design ensures that this is outdoor living at its very best.

Try it for yourself        

If you’d like to experience the Moda on your next holiday, you can stay in one at the following campsites:

Marina di Venezia, near Venice

You can choose from a two-bedroom or three-bedroom Moda at this large, family-friendly campsite. The Moda units are found in a leafy avenue, a short walk from the beach.

Camping Eden, Lake Garda

You can stay in the extremely spacious Moda Plus or the three-bedroom option at this beautiful campsite. Whichever unit you choose, you’re guaranteed stunning views of Lake Garda direct from the decking.

Bella Italia, Lake Garda

We have a great range of two-bedroom Moda units at this large and lively campsite based at the gorgeous Lake Garda region.

For more information on the range of accommodation offered by Canvas Holidays, visit



  1. Hi, I am going to This campsite in three weeks with my friends. We booked a classic mobile but are in a moda as the classic is gone. My friends books a comfort plus which used to be long that leafy road from your pictures. Does this mean the comfort pluses are now modas too??


    • Hi Roisin,

      We only have a small selection of Modas on Marina – the remaining accommodation is a selection of our traditional mobile homes. The name of the accommodation your friends have booked will appear on their booking invoice. If in any doubt, it’s best they get in touch with to find out what accommodation they’ve booked.

      Many thanks,


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