Camping with twins – part one

“You’re going camping?”
“To France”
“With twins”
“Are you MAD?”

Something I’ve heard a lot over the last few weeks. And potentially yes, I am mad. However, as I’ve spent many years as part of the Canvas Holidays marketing team, it seems only appropriate for our first family holiday to be a Canvas one. So while husband Dave got excited about which campsite we should go to, I started to worry about the practical things. Just how many vests do two seven month olds need for 10 days? (Technically 40, but lets not go there!) Can you buy our brand of formula in France? (Yes, but we’re taking our own just in case). Is it OK to ask my parents along to help? (YES, YES, YES). How many nappies will we need (I’m really not going there. Let’s just say a LOT!)


Camping with these two – what can go wrong?

When planning previous Canvas Holidays, our priority was always proximity to a bar or restaurant and a beach. This year, top of the list was washing machines, a toddler pool and somewhere fairly easy to get to from Scotland. We managed to rope in my parents (somehow they think this is going to be fun!) and next week are heading to Camping la Croix du Vieux Pont at Berny Rivière for a week in a three-bedroom Deluxe Lodge.

Having worked for Canvas for so long (12 years if you’re counting) both as a courier and area manager, and now as part of the Marketing team, I’ve spent plenty of time convincing people a holiday with us couldn’t be easier. Travelling with babies you say? Simple – everything is there ready for you. Just load you, them and some clothes into the car and you’re good to go.

Funny how it’s starting to feel a little less simple now the pile of ‘stuff’ that accompany seven month old twins is growing in my spare room! We’ve hired cots and highchairs from Canvas (they’re a bit little to need the rest of the Mini-Campers bits at the moment) but I’m still having minor panic attacks about how many clothes they’ll need over a week… I remember being a courier and never understanding why people would want to do washing on holiday. So naive!

If I’m honest, like so many people travelling for the first time with babies, it’s the journey I’m dreading most. We live in Scotland, so are driving down to Hull and taking the overnight ferry to Zeebrugge. Previously, I loved the ferry journey – relaxing meal on board, few drinks in the bar and a good sleep. I guess this won’t be the case this time! The boys are great sleepers usually, but obviously we’re all sharing a cabin and one of us will need to be in there with them after we’ve put them to bed (cue emergency cans of G&T). My mantra is that it’s only one night – we’ll be on site by lunch time the next day, and meeting Nanna and Grandpa, who are coming Dover-Calais.

I’ve been to Camping la Croix du Vieux Pont many times, so I know it will be perfect for our needs as a family. We’re both really looking forward to taking the twins swimming as we don’t get the chance usually, and I know they’ll love some quailty time with their Grandparents. While a lie in is a thing of the past, it will be fantastic to unwind and spend some time together. Plus, with babysitters on hand, we might even manage a meal out…

I’ll let you know how we get on!


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