Guess whose dog deserves a holiday…

In April we launched a really exciting competition here called ‘Does your dog deserve a holiday?’. We wanted to encourage more people to take their four-legged friend away for a relaxing break.

We have 39 campsites offering dog friendly holidays, so thought it only natural that we give the most deserving pooch £250 in Canvas Holidays vouchers as a prize. All entrants had to do was write a blog post telling us why their dog deserves a holiday, and include a cute or funny picture of course!

So whose dog did our judges think most deserved a holiday? We’re very pleased to announce that the lucky winner is Chloe and her adorable dog Baby!

Dog competition winners

Prize winners Chloe and Baby

A second chance

Our judges fell completely in love with Baby, especially when she has such a heart-warming story to tell.

In her lovely blog post Chloe told us all about the tragic death of her first dog Boss, and how a chance trip to an animal shelter to look for a cat introduced her to the new love of her life, Baby. Despite the hardship she most likely endured at her former home, Baby greeted Chloe with a level of love and affection that still endures to this day, and she has well and truly become a treasured part of Chloe’s family.

One of our judges perfectly summed up why Chloe and Baby were chosen:

“I love this story of Baby. It really says how much this young lady loves animals, the pain of losing a loved family member, but also how she met Baby. It also promotes rescue dogs and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed which has a really bad, undeserved reputation.”

We couldn’t agree more, and really hope that Chloe and Baby enjoy their holiday together. Congratulations!

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