Your holiday countdown

With the holidays fast approaching it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of where you’re going and wishing you were already there. No-one wants to get bogged down with the boring stuff so we’ve come up with a countdown to make the “getting ready” for the holiday as exciting as the “going on holiday.”

Kids sleeping

Who’s getting excited for a holiday?

Five weeks to go

The excitement is starting to build. You’ve picked your campsite, your accommodation, your travel and maybe even started holiday shopping – miniature shampoo anyone?

First thing to do is check that everyone travelling has an up to date passport, it helps too if you know where your passport is. Talking from experience, don’t leave it until a few days before you fly to make sure that not only do you have your passport but that it hasn’t expired. Last minute dashes to the passport office are not fun! If you do find yourself in this situation, contact your nearest passport office who will be able to help you out. Some passport offices offer an express service for an extra cost but usually it can take up to three weeks to renew a passport.

If your four-legged furry friend is having a staycation rather than a vacation then now is a good time to get their care sorted out. But if your dog is coming along now would be a good time to get them microchipped, source a pet passport and arrange the required vaccinations. See The rules of travelling abroad with your dog. Five weeks prior is a good time to think about your linen and towels. So they’re not the most interesting topics in the world, but if you don’t order them now (and you need them) then you may find yourself drip-drying by the pool. If you’re driving and don’t have to worry about airline baggage restrictions then you can take your favourite beach towel and duvet with you! Otherwise your linen packs must be ordered five weeks in advance by calling 0345 268 1644 .

Dogs on holiday

Staycation or vacation for your four-legged friend?

Four weeks to go

Eek we’re getting closer. Just one month to go! It’s always nice to know a bit about where you’re going and if you don’t fancy trawling through a guide book have a look at one of our downloadable regional guides. Find out where to get the best food and drink, what to do, where to go, what to see and whatever else tickles your holiday fancy.

Now back to a boring bit – remember to cancel any regular deliveries you may have. Coming home to 50 pints of milk or a mountain of newspapers isn’t really the best welcome home.

Three weeks to go

So close you can almost taste it! Why not share your excitement with other holidaymakers on our Facebook forum? Ask our community where you can find the best croissants, the best pool or the best beach.

Start to plan your journey around this time too. Campsites don’t admit guests on site after 10pm so it’s a good idea to have a rough idea when you should reach your holiday spot. If you do think that you will be arriving after 10pm please let us know.

Two weeks to go

With just two weeks to go it’s a good idea to start checking the exchange rates and to turn your hard earned cash into new currency. Don’t leave this until the last minute because airports rarely offer a competitive rate and you want to get as much as possible out of your holiday.

If you’re planning on driving to your destination then it’s strongly recommended that you service your car before you go. Let your insurance provider know that you’re taking your car abroad and maybe think about getting breakdown cover for your trip. We’re not trying to burst the excitement bubble with the boring nitty-gritty but, as everyone always says, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

One week to go

It’s the final countdown. You can feel the breeze in your hair, the sun upon your skin and the scent of fresh baguettes wafting through the air… well, almost. It’s time for the fun part, packing! Holiday packing is usually more stressful than fun so resist the temptation to try and cram your life into a suitcase. Are you really going to wear it all? The answer is always no. Be brave, it’s ok to not take 8 pairs of shoes. You will manage. Honest.

Before you set off, there’s one last car check – tyre pressure. Make sure to check all of them including the spare.

Now it’s time to relax, look forward to your adventure and when the time comes – have an amazing holiday! If you fancy a taste of what you’ve got to look forward to then check out our videos on YouTube.



Canvas family

Have a great holiday!

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