Camping with twins – part three

So the holiday. Well you know what – we had fun! I’m not going to write a day by day account of what we did on our holidays, but I thought I’d share the Harper’s holiday highlights!

1) Swimming
As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s hard for us to find time to take the boys swimming. So our Canvas holiday was the first time they’d been! The pool at Berny Rivière was lovely – the toddler pool has a retractable roof, so can be used in all weather and the water was warm. Although we didn’t use them, there are plenty of changing cubicles, so you don’t have to drag dripping wet toddlers around the campsite.


First time in the swimmimg pool

The boys loved the pool (one slightly more than the other, as you can tell from the picture!) and we’ve resolved to make sure we take them regularly in the future.

2) Quality time with Nanna and Grandpa
As they live 300 miles away, the boys don’t see their Grandparents as often as we’d like. So it was lovely for them to get some proper quality time (and LOTS of cuddles) with them. (I’m not 100% sure Mum and Dad appreciated the VERY early mornings though!!) It was obvious the boys loved all the extra attention and Dave and I loved having two extra pairs of hands (and eyes) to keep an eye on two newly mobile babies!


First time in the swimmimg pool

3) Alfresco eating
The weather was nothing short of amazing while we were away (dare I even say too hot…) The twins love feeding themselves, so it was fantastic to be able to take the highchairs outside and not worry about the mess on the floor! They even tried their first croissants and baguette. The three-bedroom Deluxe Lodge has a covered terrace, so there was plenty of shade too.

4) A night out
While this was our first family holiday, Dave and I did rope Mum and Dad into babysitting for us one night and escaped for a fabulous meal at the campsite restaurant. The restaurant is under new management this year and I have to say it was excellent. It was a beautiful evening, so we sat out on the terrace. We even went to the bar for a few drinks as well!

5) Everything was there
I know I work for Canvas Holidays, so this might seem a bit ‘poised’ but I honestly don’t think we’d have coped if we had to take everything with us. There aren’t many accommodation providers who will easily accommodate two cots and highchairs, or provide a baby bath when you arrive and realise there’s no bath… (should have read the website really!)


First time in the swimmimg pool

So, would we do it again? Yes, absolutely. We’re already planning where we’ll take them next (my vote is for Brittany). As long as my parents will come as well!

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