10 tips for making the most of bad weather on holiday

We’re a nation of weather obsessives, and no more so than just before we go on holiday, particularly if you’re going away at a time of year when sun is a little less guaranteed.

However the sunshine needn’t make or break your camping holiday. A spot of rain shouldn’t stop you from getting out and about and exploring or enjoying quality time with your loved ones, and as for the sun tan, you can always fake that!

Here are some of our suggestions for making the most of your holiday if the weather isn’t quite on your side.

  • Have a picnic indoors


If you had your heart set on lots of al fresco eating during your holiday but grey skies have made the prospect risky, create a picnic indoors. The kids will love it. Stock up on lots of goodies from the local supermarket, chuck a blanket over the table, and voila, you’re all set. Copious amounts of bread and cheese tastes just as good indoors, and you won’t have any nasty flies to contend with.

  • Escape to the city

Grab your brollies, and head for the nearest town or city, where you’re sure to find a gallery or museum to while away a few hours under shelter. If culture’s not your thing, use the bad weather as the perfect excuse to hit the shops or seek out some excellent bars, cafés or restaurants for some refreshment or people watching.

  • Get competitive

Make your own entertainment on a camping holiday with a simple pack of cards. If being cooped up indoors for a day or two doesn’t sound appealing, make things exciting with a little friendly competition. Introduce some forfeits for losers or treats for winners, and if you get fed up, add a little variety to your family tournament with some table tennis in the campsite games room. You’ll also find a selection of board games at the Canvas reception.

  • Seek out the kids’ club

If you’re unlucky enough for the rain to fall during the summer months, then let our children’s couriers take care of the entertainment for a bit. Lots of our FamilyExtra activities can be enjoyed under shelter. Some campsites may offer their own kids’ clubs too.


Do some arts and crafts with FamilyExtra.

  • Go to the beach

Ok, so we could be a bit biased because we’re based in Scotland – a land that boasts an amazing coastline but less amazing weather – but you can still enjoy the beach in the rain (as long as it’s not the horizontal kind typically experienced on Scottish shores). Just because you can’t lie about in your bikini, doesn’t mean the beach isn’t there for the taking. Just don some wellies, chuck on a cagoule and you’re all set to go exploring in some rock pools. Turn the experience into a sea-life spotting expedition with bonus points awarded if you spot a jellyfish.

  • Take to the roads

If you take a car it could be your saviour during a rainy holiday. Take to the roads and go exploring. You’ll really get to see the countryside in its full glory and might stumble upon a quaint village or two that you’d have otherwise missed if you’d been spending your time sunbathing by the pool.

  • Indulge in a spa treatment

Camping and pampering aren’t two activities that usually go together but many of our campsites have great spa facilities. Surely a bit of drizzle poses the perfect opportunity to grab some “me time”.

les alicourts resort, loire valley, canvas holidays

Spa facilities at Les Alicourts Resort

  • Decamp in the bar

How often in life do you get the option to just sit in a bar with a good book and a drink, with no deadlines, no meetings or no housework to worry about? Many campsite bars are converted barns so provide a charming environment for pure relaxation. If the rain calls, this really isn’t a bad option, particularly if you have no kids to occupy.

  • Splash around indoors

If your holiday typically centres around the pool you might not have to give up your love of swimming during a bad weather spell. Many campsites offer covered pools, like Camping Duinrell’s fantastic Tikibad. Or if you’re brave enough, swimming in the open air in the rain can be a really pleasant experience. Let’s face it you’re already wet and if you’re worried about being cold, some outdoor campsite pools are actually heated.

  • Opt for digital distraction

If you truly have exhausted all possible options on a rainy holiday, then there are always gadgets to turn to. Pity the parents of yesteryear who had to rely solely on imagination to keep children entertained. Whip out the ipad and play Frozen on a loop, pack the teens off to the campsite bar so they can access the wi-fi and Snapchat their mates back home, and once they’re all taken care of, get out your Kindle and crack open the wine.

So you have no excuses for letting a bit of rain spoil a holiday. And remember there’s no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong clothes! With a bit of preparation you can still hopefully get the best out of your holiday in all weathers.

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