5 Reasons to return to a campsite

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Let’s go!

We love hearing stories from your holidays and were curious to know what makes some customers return to the same campsites time and time again.

A lot of people have a holiday destination that holds a special place in their heart. Sometimes it’s easy to pinpoint exactly why you love a place so much but sometimes it’s harder to put it into words – it can be a feeling, a smell, a person or simply fantastic memories. We put it out to our lovely customers on Facebook to find out what it is that makes them return to certain sites each year. Here’s what they said…


5. Onsite facilities

There’s nothing better than arriving on site, knowing there is plenty to keep the whole family entertained for the duration of a holiday. It’s nice to go somewhere, unpack, relax and then not have to venture too far to have lots of fun. Camping Duinrell came out top for the best campsite to return to for onsite facilities. It’s not too surprising considering the fantastic water park and the (free) fun-filled theme park right on the campsite.  Another reoccurring reason for the appeal of this campsite is a certain ice-cream shop in Wassenaar, which is 500m from the site. Luciano’s is mentioned time and time again for being THE place to get ice cream from. When’s the first ferry to Holland next season?!

Great rides!

Let’s go!

4. Couriers

While some sites gain new couriers each season, some stay the same and it is these long-term, friendly couriers who are receiving some real appreciation from their guests. For some customers, returning to a campsite to see the courier is like going on holiday to see a long lost friend and have a good catch up.

3. Great for young children

Travelling with little ones can be stressful so it’s crucial to know your holiday destination will be safe and they will be catered for too. Château des Marais at Chambord has received a lot of love for being perfect for families with young children. The peaceful setting, lots of open space and fab pool complex means that whatever the age, everyone can enjoy it. An added bonus is that it is a Mini-Campers site, meaning that you don’t need to try and cart all the necessities on holiday with you; leaving more space for extra friends of the fluffy teddy-shaped variety

2.The pool complex

Camping La sirène à Argelès sur mer (66)

The fab waterpark at La Sirène

OK, hands up – who has chosen their holiday purely based on the swimming pool? When booking a summer holiday, everyone hopes the weather will be on their side and that a large chunk of gorgeous hot, sunny days can be spent in the pool. It seems that water slides are a crucial part of a fantastic swimming pool and it’s great to hear of all the slide races families have! There’s nothing better than spending the day in water until it’s time to head back to your accommodation all shrivelled up like a prune.

1. The essence and everything about the campsite

The feeling as you drive through the entrance of the campsite can make all of the worries and stresses of everyday life disappear. The time is now yours to relax, rejuvenate, get active and make great memories with your friends and family. There may not be something that you can pinpoint that makes this campsite your favourite but a mix of things. Thank you to Maxine Golden via Facebook whose comment we feel summed up that enchanting holiday feeling, “Cala Gogo, St Cyprien! We love everything about it. It’s location on a beach, the pool complex, the weather, the staff, the facilities and the wonderful friends we have made there who also go every year!!! Can’t recommend it enough.”

If you have any more great stories or memories of your favourite campsite, we’d love to hear them here.

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