Canvas Loves… The Safari Tent

We really do love them. Modern, comfortable and dare I say it, luxurious. A stay in a Safari Tent really is 21st century glamping.

Luxurious, I hear you cry. But isn’t it a tent? Well yes it is, but this is a tent like no other. There’s a toilet AND a shower inside the tent. And while you don’t want to think about doing the dishes on holiday, there’s a kitchen sink too – so there’s no need to pack it! Perhaps you can get the kids to wash up?

And on the note of luxury, the beds are just so comfy. You’ll find them made up and ready to dive into on your first night (although we don’t come and make them every day I’m afraid). There’s a double room, and a second twin room with two sets of bunk beds.

The interior of the Safari Tent is extremely spacious, with the integrated decking perfect for family meals inside or out. As night falls, unwind under the starry skies. With a glass of wine of course! What’s not to love?

Find out more about the Safari Tent and see where it’s available.

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