What’s your feelgood?

Working full time, planning a wedding, paying for a mortgage and having a house to run have made me realise being an adult isn’t the dream my 16 year old self thought it would be. That’s why I like to remind myself what it feels like to be a kid, especially when I’m on holiday. Trips to water parks, theme parks and li-lo races in the pool are all top of list when thinking about what activities are going to fill our days. There’s nothing I love more than forgetting I am a 27 year old with a house to pay for, and instead concentrating on paddling like crazy to beat my overly competitive fiancé to the finish line. I very rarely win, but that’s when being an adult has its benefits and I can have a glass of wine or two to take the edge of my defeat.

Katie after one of her li-lo losses

Katie after one of her li-lo losses

As a child, the holiday of choice for my family was always a camping holiday in France, Germany or Holland. I have the best memories of running around the campsites with new friends, learning to ride my bike, learning to swim and getting to ride a horse for the first time. The last trip we took together was to Camping Duinrell in Holland. As a sultry 15-year old who wanted to go to Salou, like all the other ‘cool kids’, I wasn’t overly impressed with my parents’ choice. But, as often happened in those days, my teenage moans were put in their place and we ended up having the best holiday.

I can’t wait to return to Camping Duinrell and remember all the great memories of my last camping holiday and, fingers crossed, finally win a li-lo race. But not to worry if I don’t – there’s a great bar on site.

– Katie Simpson, Canvas Holidays Campaign Executive

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