My Canvas Story: Peggy Boyd

The final in our series of customer profiles is a rather special one. Peggy Boyd and her family travelled on their first Canvas Holiday in 1967, making them some of our first ever customers. Here’s Peggy’s story – we’re really looking forward to meeting the Boyd family at our anniversary ball this weekend.

The original advert for Canvas Holidays which prompted the Boyd's to book

The original advert for Canvas Holidays which prompted the Boyd’s to book

We saw an advert in the paper for a Canvas Holiday and got in touch with the Cuthberts to book.

Our first holiday was to a campsite in Bénodet. It was our families first time abroad, and for us, the joy was in not having to put the tent up. We loved that it wasn’t ‘all-English together’ – the children all played with each other, even though they couldn’t speak each other’s languages. My eldest daughter took on the role of child minder for them all!

In those days, you were only allowed to take a limited amount of cash abroad and unfortunately we had our purse stolen while staying in a hotel, meaning we ran out of money. Luckily, Canvas helped out, and put us up in a tent for free. There was just a basic groundsheet and you could feel the mice running underneath.

For us, a Canvas holiday was just perfect. The children wanted to go camping, but we didn’t have a tent. When my husband spotted the ad for Canvas Holidays we thought it was a great idea. The worst thing about camping was the thought of putting up the tent but with Canvas you didn’t need to.

Peggy and her family enjoyed several Canvas holidays back in the early days! We wanted to share this rather wonderful film she shared with us, of a holiday to the Côte d’Azur in 1968.

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