10 things to try on a Canvas Holiday: #8

Go back in time at Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou’s historical re-enactments are legendary! For years, Canvas customers have waxed lyrical about how much they love Puy du Fou.

2015 Puy du Fou poster

Puy du Fou

Nestled in the stunning surroundings of untouched Vendée countryside, this history-themed park takes you on a journey through time. The park is divided into five areas and as you move around the park all of your senses will be awakened with the incredible sights and sounds – take in the epic battles of gladiators, watch Vikings emerge from the flames as they ransack a village or enjoy the majesty of birds of prey as they swoop and soar right above your head.

If you’re feeling brave, step inside Château Puy du Fou. Forgotten for centuries but re-opened last year, the château isn’t for the faint-hearted as the ghosts twirl by and the paintings seem to come alive.

In addition to a thrilling day out, from Sunday to Thursday in July and August, take your seat under the stars to enjoy the stunning Organs of Fire show. From June to September on Friday and Saturday nights, the spectacle that is Cinéscénie wows audiences with its incredible display of light, fire and music featuring over a thousand actors and dancers.

To find out more about a camping holiday near Puy du Fou, click here.


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