Under the Tuscan Sun -Tuscany’s best beaches

Cala Violina beach - Tuscany beach feature

Beautiful sandy beaches (Cala Violina)

White sandy beaches may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Tuscany. The region is usually associated with art and culture, or cookery schools and delicious Italian cuisine. But as well as being a fantastic base for cultural and country pursuits, Tuscany also shares 250 miles of beautiful coastline with the Tyrrhenian sea making it a great base for an all-round enjoyable holiday.

Here’s our pick of the best beaches:


With 5km of white sandy beaches and crystal clear seas, Vada really is an idyllic spot for the perfect beach holiday. However, if the thought of sunbathing for hours on end increases your anxiety rather than relaxes you, then the nearby sailing school may be a great place to enjoy a few hours learning new skills.

Vada beach is situated 15km from Camping Valle Gaia.

San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo offers wide golden sandy beaches that run down to meet the beautiful blue water. When the mid-day Tuscan sun hits, take shelter in the dense pinewoods that back the beach. They provide a perfect spot for a mid-afternoon nap in the shade. If you can take the heat, then relax and enjoy an afternoon lazing in the sun or take to the water for a relaxing pedalo ride.

To experience San Vincenzo’s beautiful beach, enjoy a stay at Park Albatros.

Rescue boat at San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo

The Gulf of Baratti 

This hidden delight is located between the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian Seas near Piombino. With crystal clear waters and golden grains of sand, this beach fits the bill of being as pretty as a picture. In the heat of the summer, take refuge under the dense pine trees that back onto the beach. Baratti is great for explorers too – take a short wander to discover the ancient Etruscan ruins nearby.

Explore this stunning beach and surrounding area from Park Albatros.

Cala Violina 

Trail to the beach at Cala Violina - Tuscany beaches feature

Trail to Cala Violina

Rumour has it that the name for Cala Violina, in southern Tuscany, comes from the noise that the sand makes when you tread upon it. With a story like that behind the beach, you know that it will be something special. The clear blue sea, the white sand and the green woodland that surrounds the area create the perfect setting for a tranquil afternoon of relaxation.

Cala Violina is a 25-minute drive from Park Albatros.

Marina di Bibbona

This is one of the most popular seaside resorts on this coast, and it isn’t hard to see why. The long, white sandy beach seemingly stretches on for miles and miles. The long stretch of beach offers plenty of space for relaxation, or for those seeking a bit of adrenalin, plenty of watersports.

This beautiful beach is just 4km from Camping le Capanne.

Canvas Holidays has four campsites in the Tuscany area

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