What’s your feelgood?


Linda & her daughter at Berny Rivière

Our Web Marketing Manager, Linda, tells us all about her holiday feelgood…

My personal feel good is being on or near the water. Whether it’s a cooling dip in the pool, pottering around on a boat or simply enjoying the sound of lapping waves while lying at the beach, I’ve always loved being around water. My ideal holiday activities consist of scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming or hurtling down a waterslide, so you could say I’m a true water baby.

Holidays are a great chance to spend time in the water. Luckily the Canvas Holidays campsites have great water facilities, from amazing swimming pools to beautiful beaches. A particular favourite of mine was the massive indoor tropical pool at Camping Duinrell where I spent an enjoyable couple of hours being thrown about the water! We’ve also enjoyed fabulous beaches in Sardinia and pottered about on pedaloes in France.

I’m glad to say my 4 year old daughter seems to have inherited my love of the water and she enjoys nothing more than a trip to the beach or a ride on a pedalo. She’s learning to swim at the moment so our next holiday will be a great chance for her to try out her new skills – hopefully in a sun soaked location like Spain or Italy.

What’s your feelgood?

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