Why I love holidays in June

I love travelling in June.

Not only is it my birthday which makes for a fantastic excuse to have a holiday but it’s such a good time of year to escape while the resorts are quiet and when you can get a bit more of a ‘real’ experience.

Fair enough the weather may not always be scorching hot. I’ve been away when the month of June was referred to as June-uary… make of that what you will! But you know what, as long as it’s not pouring it down with rain every single day, there is something wonderful about slightly cooler days with sunny skies. For one, the other half doesn’t moan the entire time that he’s ‘too hot’, ‘too sweaty’, ‘needs a drink’, ‘needs ice-cream’… although I am all for ice-cream whether it’s roasting hot or a bit chilly. Ice cream and holidays go hand in hand.

I don’t like crowds of people so the bonus of being able to get away at the beginning of June is that everywhere is quieter and just that bit more laid back. The roads are quieter, the campsites are quieter and most importantly, the queue for ice cream is shorter! I appreciate that not everyone can get away outside of term-time but if you’re a young one with no responsibilities, a family with little ones or your slightly bigger little ones have now flown the nest then June really is a great time to escape to Europe.

My top picks for June escapes are:

Cote d’Azur 


Beautiful hilltop village of Grasse

June is the perfect time to visit this gorgeous region. While the Cannes Film Festival may have already packed up and left town, the region’s aura of glitz and glamour does not disappear as quickly. The summer sunshine beats down along the coastline making it perfect for relaxing and working on your award-winning tan or getting out and about to soak everything up. Temperatures sit around 24°c which is perfect for either basking or exploring. It really is worth taking time to enjoy a lazy drive to explore all the towns and villages along the coastline but also up into the Provençal hills too. The hilltop town of Grasse, nestled in the countryside is well worth a visit, particularly if you’re into your perfumes!


Dordogne landscape

Beautiful hilltop village of Grasse

When I think of the Dordogne, I imagine wandering around beautiful green countryside, feeling very French and indulging in some of the local tipple. In June the temperatures sit around 25°c which again, is perfect for being able to get out and about without feeling too uncomfortable in the heat. Part of the allure of the Dordogne is taking to the water to canoe or kayak down the river so the weather should be perfect for this. I’ve seen it from a friend what happens if you take to the water for a leisurely paddle in the middle of the summer – let’s say the term lobster came to mind! Always remember sun cream regardless of when you holiday! The food of Dordogne is another big bonus of the region – imagine sitting under the stars at your peaceful emplacement indulging in some local goodies.

Venice & the Adriatic


Beautiful hilltop village of Grasse

I love exploring cities! There’s nothing better than immersing yourself in the hustle and bustle of a European city. The next one on my wish list is Venice – I would love to spend an afternoon wandering around the streets and then enjoying a leisurely gondola ride down the Grand Canal which would be followed by either gelato or a cappuccino on the patio of a local café. There are a range of campsites within easy reach of Venice so this June you will probably find me wandering around Venice, camera in hand or sitting in a café gorging on the delicious Italian cuisine.

If you’re heading away this June, we’d love to hear where you’re off to and what you’re looking forward to doing.

If you’ve not got anything booked just yet, why not take a look at our last minute holiday options here.


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