Spotlight on Royan & South-West France



On the Atlantic coast of France, Royan and the South-West boast stunning beaches which are great for swimming, water sports or simply relaxing. With its own micro-climate, lovely warm weather is almost guaranteed (although of course we can’t actually guarantee this, oh if only we held that power!) During the summer months the temperatures sit around a very pleasant 24°c making it perfect conditions for taking to the water or for exploring. These regions are a haven for water-babies with so many different activities to enjoy along the 286 mile stretch of coastline.

Biarritz – A surfer’s paradise

Nestled right in the south west corner of France sits Biarritz, a fantastic city and also a world renowned haven for surfers. Whether you’ve surfed before or are just tempted by the sport, then this is the place to give it a try. After a day on the waves, a must do in Biarritz is to don a comfy pair of shoes and tackle the 258 steps to the top of the Phare de Biarritz – a lighthouse built in the 1800’s. Your reward is the stunning views over the whole of the Basque coastline. In the city of Biarritz the old glitz of the area is still noticeable amongst the fantastically varied architecture. You could spend hours wandering around taking the fantastic sights in – there are Russian Orthodox Churches, 1970’s architecture and of course, the gorgeous golden sandy waterfront.

Food and Drink



If you can’t quite find your sea-legs or prefer your liquid in other forms then head inland towards Bordeaux and Cognac. While it’s a bit of a drive, it’s worth it if you truly are passionate about fine food and drink. There are lots of vineyards open to the public where you can meet the wine-makers and learn about the process of creating the perfect glass of red. For the brandy connoisseurs, Cognac is also close by where you can enjoy a tour of the Rémy Martin distillery.

As with many coastal areas, the seafood is second to none. Be sure to try some oysters if you visit Marennes – it’s the oyster capital of France and one of only two places in the country where oysters still naturally thrive.

You’ll find eight campsites dotted along the sunny coastline so there should be somewhere to take your fancy.

For more information about camping in the Royan, please click here.

For more information about camping in the South-West of France, please click here.



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