Things to experience in the Royan & SW France

As well as being a fantastic haven for water-babies who love nothing more than spending hours out on the water, the South West and Royan regions of France offer a lot to experience on dry land too.

We’ve put together a few things to experience:

La Rochelle

The Towers of La Rochelle

La Rochelle

The Towers of La Rochelle

The three towers that stand over La Rochelle’s harbour are an iconic sight as they stand tall protecting the entrance from unwanted visitors…well they did back in unsettled times gone by when the city was at war. Visitors can now climb up the towers that date back to the 13th and 14th century to enjoy fantastic views over the water including the nearby islands of Aix, Ré and Oléron as well as over the city.  The towers are open all year round, with varying opening hours. Guided tours are also available.

The Aquarium de la Rochelle

There’s something so wonderfully relaxing and fascinating about aquariums and La Rochelle’s stands out as being amongst the best. You could easily spend a day learning about the sealife around the French Atlantic Coast.


A must do in Biarritz is to don a comfy pair of shoes and tackle the 258 steps to the top of the Phare de Biarritz – a lighthouse built in the 1800’s. Your reward is the stunning views over the whole of the Basque coastline. In the city of Biarritz the old glitz of the area is still noticeable amongst the fantastically varied architecture. You could spend hours wandering around taking the fantastic sights in – there are Russian Orthodox Churches, 1970’s architecture and of course, the gorgeous golden sandy waterfront.


The Towers of La Rochelle

Eat oysters in Marennes

Nestled half way down the Atlantic coast of France, close to Séquoia Parc and Domaine d’Oleron, sits the Oyster Capital of France. Marennes-Oleron is world famous for their delicious oysters. There are many oyster farms along the coastline and a lot of love and care goes into ensuring that these oysters remain the best in the world. It takes around 4 years for the oysters to reach the perfect stage of maturity for eating. You can sample the oysters for yourself at one of the many restaurants in the area, including those on the campsites. On Friday afternoons during July and August at La Cotinière Harbour, local seafood specialists share their knowledge and passion for the local delicacies with various talks and of course, the opportunity to enjoy a sample.


Canvas Holidays has 12 campsites peppered along the Atlantic coastline in the Royan and the South-West, meaning that whatever it is that you are looking for in your holiday to this region, there should be the perfect spot for you.

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