3 places to see in the Côte d’Azur

Holidays in the Côte d’Azur can centre around simply relaxing onsite next to a lovely pool or at one of the many fantastic sandy beaches in the region. But if you fancy venturing out to explore some of the region, we’ve picked three lovely things to make the most of the region’s gorgeous surroundings.

1. Climb the steps of the Colline du Château in Nice

Make the effort to climb the 200 steps to the top of the Colline du Château to be rewarded with mesmerising views over the Baie des Anges, Old Nice and the Port. The name is slightly deceiving as there isn’t actually a castle at the top (it was destroyed back in the 18th century) although a few ruins do remain. Nowadays, this is quite simply a gorgeous park where you can appreciate the gorgeous surroundings. During the summer, why not take a picnic and make the most of it.

Nice from Colline du Chateau

View over Nice from the Colline du Château

If you don’t fancy the 200 steps to the top, there is a lift (ascenseur) which will take you to the top. This costs around €1 per person.

2. The Promenade de la Croissette, Cannes

Take a walk along this 3km long promenade and pretend to live the high life. This glamorous walkway lines the whole of the Cannes coastline and is home to many fancy shops, hotels and restaurants on the other side. During the two weeks of May when the Cannes Film Festival comes to town, the Promenade becomes the hub of all of the glitz and glamour. Keep your eyes peeled because you never know who you may cross paths with.

Port Grimaud 3

Port Grimaud

3. Spend time wandering through the Venice of the Med – Port Grimaud 

Arranged alongside little canals in a similar, smaller scale to Venice, Port Grimaud is a cute little town with lovely brightly coloured houses.  The town was created in 1966 and each of the houses is painted a unique pastel colour and at the bottom of garden, there’s a parking spot for a boat. It’s a lovely place to wander around and we’ve heard that there are some fantastic ice-cream shops here too!

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