Berny Rivière: The verdict!

Our Kids Ambassadors, Oliver & Ella have just returned from their Easter break at Berny Rivière. Here’s what they thought (in their own words) about their holiday…

WOW! Amazing… awesome… we had THE BEST TIME ever at La Croix du Vieux Pont!!

We have just spent our Easter holidays at the ‘La Croix du Vieux Pont campsite’ in Berny Rivière and we had such a brilliant time that we really didn’t want to come home.

Outside our lodge

Outside our lodge

We stayed in one of the 3 bedroom lodges which are very big and had everything we needed for our stay including a gas barbecue, a fully fitted kitchen, even a DVD player and a dishwasher …(which pleased mummy!)

There was just so much for us to do on the campsite and we spent lots of time playing at the beach area, which has loads of lovely sand and also in the awesome pool complex which has a few different pools, a couple of slides and a toddler splash area.

We also tried out the trampolines, pedaloes and all of the other kid’s rides. One evening we had a go in the bowling alley, which was around €20 for a game for a family of 4 which was very good fun. There is also a large range of bikes on the site, which you can just hire from reception to take either a short ride around the camp or a longer trip into the local town. They have a bike to suit everyone from small toddler bikes to tandems to even a pull along carriage!

Playing Aeroball

Playing Aeroball

The very best part of the site for us was the Canvas FamilyExtra club. The staff was all so friendly and always such good fun. The club is split into 3 different age groups and every day, each club has loads of different fun activities to try. Some of our favourites were Aeroball (which is like basketball on a trampoline), Bodyzorbs (where you are in an inflatable suit and play games), mini Olympics (lots of team games) and archery. They also have special events in the evenings if you don’t want to stay in with your mum and dad – the sweetie party was awesome! Other activities we tried were Buggy Building, Canvas Catwalk and Volleyball, but the club is not just for kids, it’s also for the whole family. The FamilyExtra team arrange group activities everyday which includes rounder’s (kid’s v adults which the kids won!), family quiz nights, cricket, social evenings – even water balloon volleyball, which was one of our families favourites as we all got very wet!

With the FamilyExtra team

With the FamilyExtra team

During our stay we also took visits to the Pierrefonds Castle, which is a short 15 minute drive away and is the most beautiful castle and is also where the TV show Merlin was filmed. Another great day out for us was the Astrix Theme Parc, which is just under and hour’s drive away but has loads of awesome big and little roller coasters, lots of water rides as well as some feature shows.

We had a really fab family time at La Croix du Vieux Pont and we all thought that the accommodation and the site were amazing but the Canvas FamilyExtra staff made our holiday as they were all truly AWESOME…….We will definitly be asking mum and dad to take us back again next year.

From Oliver age 10 and Ella age 8

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