Tapas, Paella and Sangria

Spanish cuisine isn’t quite as foreign as it once seemed. Nowadays a lot of British High Streets and shopping centres have a Spanish restaurant where you can indulge in the delicious food, although it can definitely be argued that Spanish food tastes better when sat under glorious sunshine, with a view of a beach and with a large jug of Sangria to help wash it down.

Tapas with bread


Here we look at a couple of the most popular dishes:


Traditionally in Spain, Tapas is served before the first course, more often than not with a glass of wine. Tapas means ‘cover’ or ‘lid’ and it’s said to have originated from a piece of bread being used as a cover to keep flies out of the wine – clever thinking!  Tapas can generally be hot or cold, with dishes ranging from a bowl of olives to hot battered seafood. While traditionally eaten as an accompaniment to a drink, with so much choice on offer in restaurants, both at home and abroad, you can sample a few and feel easily satisfied and full afterwards. It’s a wonderfully social food too – if your friends are allwilling to share!

Paella 1



The word paella doesn’t actually refer to the food eaten but rather the pan that the food is cooked in. Paella is said to hail from Valencia where there were two traditional variations made – one with seafood and one made with meat including rabbit. Alongside the seafood or meat, a paella contains white rice, white beans and seasoning. Paella is another social dish and families gather together to enjoy the food together – that’s one of the great things about a paella – it can be as big as you want it to be!


And of course, to wash all of the delicious Spanish food down, you need something refreshing and delicious in liquid form. That’s where sangria comes in! Made from red wine, chopped fruit, sweetener and sometimes a dash of brandy or a soft drink such as lemonade, this dark red drink is a real holiday favourite.



If you fancy heading to Spain to indulge in the delicious food, Canvas Holidays has 8 campsites which make a great base to explore the country.

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