5 best waterslides at Camping Duinrell

I’m not going to lie. I love waterslides. And that’s why I keep heading back to Camping Duinrell. What’s not to like? An amazing tropical pool complex right on the doorstep with some of the best waterslides you’ll find.

So I thought I’d round up my 5 favourites. It was a tough choice…

#5 Pelican Dive

camping duinrell, canvas holidays

Take on the Pelican Dive – it’s higher than it looks!

It’s short and sweet, but the 3 metre free-fall into the pool below definitely gets the adrenaline pumping!

#4 X-stream

Not for the fainthearted! You stand in a see-through tube, 7 metres high, and wait for the floor to open underneath you. There’s barely time to get your breath before you’re at the bottom, checking your costume is intact (!) and debating another go.

#3 Blits & Flits

So I’m cheating slightly here as its two slides at the top of the same tall tower. They’re both fast and furious, and definitely worth the many steps up to the top! Best of the two – it’s hard to choose. I’m going to go with the blue one though. The drop as you set off really takes your breath away.

camping duinrell, canvas holidays

The open bowl of the Cycloon – perfect for spectators!

#2 Cycloon

Even if you’re not partaking in the waterslides, this is good fun to watch. There’s a viewing platform round the top, where you can watch people spin round and round the bowl, before being dropped out of the hole at the bottom. If you are brave enough to ride, grab on to the bikini top!

#1 Moonlight & Starlight

It’s a close call, but these are my absolute favourite slides. Grab a two person inflatable, climb the stairs and shoot off. In the dark. Parts of the slide are lit up with twinkling lights in the roof, but for me the real thrill is you just don’t know where you’ll twist. It’s fast and fun!

Let me know which slides you’d pick in the comments. If you want to know more about Camping Duinrell and see some of the slides in action, there’s a short video here.

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