Burgundy wines

The region of Burgundy is famous throughout the world for producing some rather outstanding wine.  If you enjoy a drop of Chablis, Maçon or Côte d’Or then you’re no doubt familiar with some of the names from this region.

Vineyards at Beaune

Vineyards at Beaune

Burgundy wines have four classifications. At the very top level are the 33 vineyards privileged to call their wines ‘Grand Cru’ – these wines are known as being the best of the region. The next tier of vineyards produce ‘Premier Cru’. There are around 585 of these vineyards in Burgundy. One easy way to tell the difference on a bottle of wine as to whether it is Grand Cru or Premier Cru is by looking at the label. For a Grand Cru, the label will simply state the name of the vineyard, whereas a Premier Cru will have the vineyard name plus the name of the village.  The following two tiers are the ‘Communal Appellations’ and ‘Regional and District Appellations.’ These two tiers make up 77% of the total wine production of Burgundy.

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Vineyards at Beaune

Wine enthusiasts can not only enjoy drinking the wine, but can also learn about the history and how the wine is currently produced. Wine enthusiasts are welcomed with well- presented visitor attractions, such as the 60 kilometre Route des Grands Crus from Dijon to Santenay, and the wine museum at Beaune. Burgundy reds are commonly dry and made from Pinot noir grapes. Whites, such as Chablis, are usually made with Chardonnay grapes. Burgundy’s most costly wines come from the Côte d’Or. You’ll also come across the world-famous white wines of the Côtes de Beaune, and good quality whites and reds from the Côte Chalonnaise.

Château de l’Epervière at Gigny-sur-Saône is a great base for exploring the vineyards of the Côte Chalonnaise and the wider Burgundy region. Onsite there’s a delightful restaurant housed in a 16th century château and regular wine-tasting sessions in the bar. The campsite owners also regularly organise wine tasting evenings with local producers. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about Burgundy wine and of course to taste and buy.

To make that holiday feeling last as long as possible, be sure to bring back a few favourite bottles to enjoy over the long winter months. It’s like pouring a glass of sunshine.

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