Discovering the magic of the movies in Paris

Paris is the setting for numerous films, from the classics to modern productions: Think The Da Vinci Code, The Bourne Identity, Moulin Rouge, Amélie, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Ratatouille, The Phantom of the Opera… The list is endless and there’s sure to be something that will appeal to all members of the family!

The magical city of Paris

Relive your favourite movie moments in Paris

Visit the Louvre and uncover the hidden messages of art like symbologist Robert Langdon (The Da Vinci Code), or wander the streets that witnessed the adventures of the criminal who had lost his memory (Jason Bourne, The Bourne Identity). Follow the footsteps of Nicole Kidman and the bohemian past of the Montmartre cabaret scene (Moulin Rouge); explore the inside of Notre-Dame and admire the many gargoyles that keep watch from the cathedral. A visit to the Paris Opéra transports you back to the 19th century when the Phantom haunted the building attempting to turn the woman he loved into a star. Awaken your senses to the French joie de vivre embraced by Audrey Tatou in her role as Amélie Poulain (Amélie), with a visit to the Café des 2 Moulins where she worked.

If all this is not enough, why not take a day trip to Walt Disney Studios® Park at Disneyland Paris® and step into your favourite Disney films and television shows?  Learn the secrets of what goes into creating that Disney magic onscreen. Little ones can meet all of their favourite characters too!

To experience the magic of the movies, stay at: Les Etangs Fleuris, Touquin – our closest campsite to both Paris and Disneyland Paris®.

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