Changes to driving licences – what you need to know…

self-drive camping holidays

Be prepared if you’re hiring a car this summer!

Driving abroad is all part of the Canvas Holidays experience. But did you know the DVLA have made some changes to driving licences in the UK, which take effect from 8 June 2015?

Here’s what you’ll need to know if you are hiring a car this summer.

From 8 June, the paper counterpart which goes with your photo card licence is invalid. All information previously stored on this (which includes any endorsements) will now be stored electronically.

If you are hiring a car, the company you are hiring off may want to do a check of these details.

The DVLA have provided a new checking service which gives a car hire company permission to access your records. You need to request a code before you travel, and provide it to the car hire company if they ask to see it. You can see more information about this and request your code, here:

The code is only valid for 3 days and can only be used once. This means you need to request your code no more than 72 hours before you travel – make sure it’s on your holiday ‘to-do’ list!

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