My teenage holiday diary – Camping la Grande Metairie

As a teenager, I know how easily and quickly we can get bored. The prospect of two weeks without Facebook, friends or a TV just seems unthinkable. We like going on holiday, but we need stuff to do. And no one wants to hang out with their parents for two weeks. Do they?

Ellen Pic

Ellen’s Holiday Diary

My parents have been taking my sister Megan and I on camping holidays since I can remember, so I know a Canvas holiday is anything but boring. In fact it’s GREAT for us teenagers. There’s loads to do!

So it was with eager anticipation we piled into the car to set off on our annual Canvas adventure. This year, we were heading for La Grande Metairie, near Carnac in south Brittany. After the drive down to Portsmouth, we boarded the overnight ferry to St Malo. The ferry crossing is always an exciting part of our journey – my sister and I share a cosy cabin and we love watching the cabaret – always entertaining!

The next day we woke to bright sunshine. We disembarked the ferry, and spent the morning exploring St Malo. We walked around the ancient city walls before enjoying our first French lunch – and most importantly my first ‘Crepe Beurre Sale’ (caramel), a personal holiday favourite.

After lunch we drove down to the campsite – and having been in a car for ages we were looking forward to the comfort of our mobile home. The mobile was great, and one of the best we have stayed in. It had two bathrooms and best of all we had a bigger shower than Mum and Dad!

La Grande MŽtairie

Meet the site’s residents

Megan and I decided to stretch our legs and headed off to explore the campsite, with instructions from Mum to get some milk from the shop. We stopped and admired the cute animals in the mini petting zoo, our favourites being the newborn goats and an alpaca! We then continued up to the bar area, where there was a real holiday atmosphere. We treated ourselves to an ice-cream with the change from the milk (Mum didn’t mind!)

There were loads of kids making friends at the play park. Megan and I also spotted groups of teenagers mingling at the pool and ping-pong tables. Our game of choice was the air hockey, which we both acquired quite a skill for by the end of our stay! There were also computers with Wi-Fi, ideal for catching up with your Facebook friends. Around the back of the bar area were lots of other things to do like crazy golf, badminton, boules and a zip wire. But it could all wait for later in the holiday. Tired from the journey, we headed home for an early night.

The following morning, I was woken by the sun streaming through the curtains. After a great night’s sleep, I was definitely ready to dive into the pool! But first, it was breakfast time.  Mum prepared a delicious spread of croissants, baguette and fruit, which we enjoyed on our decking whilst soaking up the sun.

Once finished, Megan and I headed straight to the pool. We relaxed poolside reading our books before jumping in. We tried to play it cool bobbing around in the lazy river, but the call of the waterslides was too much! I sat at the top of the slide, and then 2 seconds later was submerged in water – there’s something about waterslides that make them fun whatever age you are! We kept going back for more until my rumbling stomach dictated it was time for lunch. We grabbed some frites from the takeaway, right next to the pool, which became one of my favourite haunts during our stay.

La Grande MŽtairie

Fab waterslides!

The rest of our first day was spent relaxing in the sun. When it got a bit cooler in the evening, Megan and I played a game of badminton at the court near the bar. We could hear music coming from the amphitheatre, so decided to check it out. On stage were performers belting out classics such as ‘Dancing Queen’  by ABBA , and ‘ Baby’ by Justin Bieber. Megan and I joined the audience, who were all laughing along. There was a real holiday buzz as people from different countries enjoyed the novelty campsite entertainment. There was quite a lot of evening entertainment at the campsite, with a teenagers disco every second night. Megan and I enjoyed these as it provided a chance to meet new friends.

While it was good to hang out with my sister, Mum and Dad decided we needed some family time too, so the holiday became a mixture of chilling at the pool and days out exploring. One day we went to Quiberon and as the weather was a bit wet, visited ‘La Belle-Iloise’, a sardine canning factory. We took a guided tour in French then enjoyed the food samples. It’s not something I would tend to do back home, but was good fun in its own way.

One of my favourite parts of any holiday in France is the local markets, where there are always bargains to be found. My favourite this holiday was at La Trinité-sur-Mer, where I bought a new watch and a flowery playsuit, both much cheaper than at home. The town was pretty cool too – there are loads of very expensive boats – so Megan and I picked the one we’ll buy when Mum and Dad win the lottery!

Carnac Standing Stones

Standing stones at Carnac

Of course, no visit to Carnac is complete without witnessing the famous standing stones. With hundreds of them right outside La Grande Metairie, it is an enjoyable day out, and the biggest standing stone in Europe at Locmariaquer is also not far away. We also visited the beaches near the campsite, and a few times went to a really nice one at Carnac-Plage. If I’m honest though, I preferred the campsite pool.

All too soon, it was time to pack up the car and head for home. I had a great holiday – La Grande Métairie is one of the best campsites I have been to with something for all ages. For me, the holiday was made by the range of activities and facilities plus the fact there were loads of other teenagers staying there too. I’d say it’s an ideal summer getaway for those looking for fun, sun, and new friendships.

And believe it or not, it was good to spend some time with Mum and Dad too.

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