What’s your favourite bbq food?

When the sun shines, it doesn’t take too long before the familiar smell of barbecue starts wafting through the air. There’s something about relaxing outside with a cool drink in your hand, friends and family around and the smell of your food cooking that makes you feel so good!

Couple BBQ

Perfect summer evening!

Being based in Scotland though, the opportunity for barbecuing doesn’t arise too often so holidays are the perfect chance to dine al fresco with the delicious smell of meats, veggies and sweet treats wafting through the sunny, chilled-out holiday evening air. Plus camping holidays and barbecues go hand in hand.

Here at Canvas, we love food and we love holidays so thought we’d share our favourite foods! Although one lesson I learnt while compiling this post was not to ask people to share their favourite barbecue foods at 11am on a beautifully sunny morning. There were a lot of rumbling tummies and early lunch breaks taken that day!

So here’s the Canvas team’s pick of favourite foods to make on the barbecue. We’d love to hear your favourites too!

“Toasted marshmallows! Also, when in America we make s’mores – biscuit, melted marshmallows and chocolate spread – sweet but heavenly!” Heather, Marketing Manager

“Choccy bananas – gently peel back the skin on the banana but do not remove totally, slit lengthways, slot in chocolate buttons or chocolate pieces, put skin back over, wrap in foil and BBQ for short while, mmmmmm” Karin, Customer Services

bbq meats

Perfect summer evening!

“If you’re at Saarburg then you can’t beat the mixed sausage packs that they sell in Lidl at the bottom of the hill.  Other than that is has to be fresh vegetable skewers made with lovely sweet peppers, courgettes, aubergines and onions from the local markets.  Drizzle them with olive oil and sprinkle with herbs.  The veggies go so sweet when barbecued. “ Imogen, Operations Team

“Marinated chicken skewers” Julia, Customer Care Team

“Belly pork!” Lesley, Customer Care

“As long as there are burgers and a beer in hand!” Scott, IT

“Roasted peppers! Long pointed peppers are the best. Put them on the grill and let the skin blacken and blister. Put in a bowl covered with clingfilm until they’re cool enough to handle then peel off all the skins (it’s quite a laborious job but worth it!). Add some salt, olive oil, garlic and parsley (best if you leave them to marinate for a little while). I literally eat these by the kilo here in the summer! I make a load (without dressing) and stick them in the freezer as well.” Nicola, Contracting Team in Italy

“Without a doubt it has to be burgers! Proper big homemade ones, with onions on top. “ Katie C, Campaign Executive

“Chocolate bananas – Cut open a banana and put a flake or galaxy ripple in the middle, wrap in tinfoil and toast on the BBQ! Yum!” Katie ML, Online Marketing Executive

“Tandoori Chicken strips – Strips of chicken breast, marinated overnight in natural yoghurt, tandoori spices and a splash of lemon juice. Then served on a wrap.” James, Operations Team

Family BBQ

Perfect summer evening!

One of my favourite’s is slightly unorthodox but so delicious (and guaranteed a giggle) – Beer-in-the-butt chicken. I was introduced to this (rather reluctantly) when I lived in Canada and was slightly put off by the name, but it tastes so good! The beer steams into the chicken to make it so tender and delicious. Combined with the wonderful barbecue taste this is a chicken dish with a twist that will keep everyone amused and with a happy tummy!

Who’s off to light the barbecue?

*Canvas HQ empties*

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