Why the Safari Tent is the perfect introduction to camping

For some people, the idea of a camping trip is their worst nightmare – they think it’s cold, damp, dirty and a lot of hard work. Nevertheless, there are some undeniably lovely aspects of camping: feeling at one with nature, getting back to basics and sharing some great bonding experiences as a result.

Safari Tent

Safari Tent Deluxe

However, a stay in a safari tent has all the benefits of camping, but without any of the rigmarole. Spacious, comfortable and stylish, Canvas Holidays’ Safari Tent Deluxe has got all the comforts you’d find in a house – lounge, kitchen, dining area – with all the benefits that come with being in the great outdoors! What’s more, the tents even boast plumbed-facilities meaning you don’t have to leave your tent when nature calls and can enjoy a shower as soon as you get up.

It’s great for kids

If you’re keen to pass on your love of camping with the next generation, a safari tent is a particularly exciting prospect for the younger members of your family! The safari tent brings with it a sense of adventure and an appetite for discovery, serving as a magical hideaway when the kids have finally tired of the swimming pool.

Safari Tent shower room

Safari Tent shower room

A romantic way to camp

If you’re holidaying with a partner, the Safari Tent Deluxe can prove to be quite the romantic sanctuary for you to retreat to after a day of exploration. Enjoying a candlelit meal on the terrace makes for a truly enchanting experience. Plus, the charming and inviting interior may make it difficult to leave when the time comes!

Safari Tent Deluxe interior

Safari Tent Deluxe interior

So there you have it – the Safari Tent Deluxe is the home from home that’s suited to any holidaymaker. If you’re looking for ways to make your holiday a bit more special this year, then it’s certainly worth taking a closer look into the safari tent experience.

Find out more about the Safari Tent Deluxe at Canvas Holidays.

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