Top 10 car games

Although there are an array of different electronic games and DVDs to keep children occupied on car journeys, playing games together can be fun and helps to break up the journey.

Here are some of our favourite games to keep children entertained on a car journey:

#1 Car colours

Each person is allocated a colour and has to count the number of cars they spot in their colour, gaining a point for each car. Each person can also be allocated a different bonus vehicle – e.g a fire engine or ambulance, which gets 3 points. The first person to 10 or 20 points wins.

#2 I spy

A popular classic! For younger children try I spy with colours, e.g ‘I spy with my little eye something in blue’.

#3 Car bingo

Each player gets a list (written or pictures) of items you’d typically see on a car journey. The first to spot them all shouts ‘house’.

#4 The alphabet game

Choose a theme – for example – ‘I went to the shops’ or ‘I went to the zoo’ and then work progressively through the alphabet listing the various items. So player 1 starts  with ‘I went to to the zoo and I saw an ape’, player 2 continues ‘I went to the zoo and I saw an ape and a bear’ and so on. Players are eliminated if they forget one of the items in the list and the winner is the last player left in.

#5 The sound game

Each player chooses an item and then has to make its sound. The others have to guess what it is.

#6 Keep a straight face

One person has to keep a straight face whilst the others try to make him or her laugh – no tickling allowed!

#7 Name that tune

Players take it in turn to tap out their favourite tune (or nursery rhyme for younger children) and the others have to guess.

#8 Yes/no game

One person thinks of something or someone (usually best to establish if it’s a person, a place or a thing first!) then the others are allowed to ask questions to which can only be replied yes or no. You can either keep going until the person or item is guessed or see if anyone can get it after 20 questions.

#9 The quiet game

A personal favourite (!) The first one to speak loses – younger children seem to love this game but inevitably lose every round!

#10 Keep the beat

Switch on the radio or a CD and get everyone singing along. Turn the volume down for 10 seconds and then back up again, and see who’s managed to keep in time with the song.

If you’ve got any more great car games we’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below.

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