10 facts about Château de Chambord

The Château de Chambord is one of the most iconic sights of the Loire Valley. Towering majestically over the beautiful rural countryside, the château certainly draws attention.

Loire Valley camping

Château de Chambord – one of the most spectacular


Here’s 10 things that you may not know about this striking château:

  1. It’s the largest of the Loire’s châteaux – although unbelievably, it was originally built as a ‘hunting lodge’ for King Francois I. If you’d like to see his actual ‘palaces’, visit Château d’Amboise and Château de Blois.

  2. The Loire River is believed to have been diverted to make space for the château and the 50 acre game park which makes up its grounds.

  3. The château boats an impressive ‘double helix’ spiral staircase, designed by Leonardo di Vinci. The two staircases climb up 3 floors, but never meet; meaning the king never had to pass his servants on the stairs! It really is quite impressive!

  4. The château has 440 rooms and a fireplace for every day of the year! Don’t panic if you’re planning a visit though – only 80 of them are open to the public.

  5. The wall surrounding the château grounds is 20 miles long.

  6. The emblem of King Francois I was a salamander. Look carefully, and you’ll see it carved into the walls, doors and ceilings throughout the palace.

  7. Even if you don’t want to go inside, the parkland is well worth a visit, with miles of paths to explore on foot or bike. You’ll spot wild animals, including deer and wild boar – look out for the observation points.

  8. Other ways to explore the grounds include boat hire, horse and carriage rides and electric vehicles!

  9. Between May & September, it’s well worth watching the horse show which takes place in the grounds of the stables. See knights galloping on horseback recreating important events which occurred at the château. (Check before you visit though, as they don’t take place every day!)

  10. The Château de Chambord is only 4 miles from the Canvas Holidays campsite Château des Marais. With free FamilyExtra activities for the whole family, it’s a great base for exploring Château de Chambord and other hot-spots of the Loire Valley.


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