Campsites with the best wi-fi

There was a time, not so long ago, when wi-fi was seen as an added luxury. It was rather exciting being able to get online when you didn’t necessarily expect it. Nowadays we’re so used to having it to hand everywhere you go that when it doesn’t work properly it can be rather annoying. Fair enough most places now have it – restaurants, shops, trains and even some planes so it’s almost expected that it’s available everywhere you go. But due to the locations of some of the campsites being fairly rural, the signal can be unreliable to say the least.

Get connected on holiday

Get connected on holiday

We’ve noticed from quite a few reviews we’ve received this season, that having a good wi-fi connection is also an important part of your holiday experience. And it turns out it’s not just Canvas customers that enjoy being able to get connected on holiday. In a survey carried out last year, it was found that having good wi-fi access was the second most desirable thing when looking for a holiday, after a good view.

So if you want to use the wi-fi to keep your friends and family posted, or just to keep up to date with the world, we’ve put together a list of the campsites with the best wi-fi coverage. The list has been compiled from customer feedback through BazaarVoice that we’ve received this season. If you know of other sites where the wi-fi was top notch, please do let us know so we can share with others!

Best sites for good Wi-Fi connection

Camping le Soleil, Argèles, Languedoc

Marina di Venezia, Venice – We received feedback that not only was the wi-fi great on the campsite, but you could pick it up at the beach too!

Campeggio del Garda, Lake Garda

Les Mediterranées – Beach Garden, Marseillan-Plage, Languedoc

Camping les Etangs Fleuris, Touquin

These are just the sites that we’ve received positive feedback about the wi-fi connection, there’s hopefully many others out there too. Please do let us know if there’s any that you would like to add to the list!

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