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Family holiday ideas - Canvas Holidays

The team love trying out new activities!

Our FamilyExtra activity programme is hugely popular with Canvas customers for keeping kids (and adults!) entertained on holiday. We caught up with Shannon Kilcullen, Operations Manager with In2Action – the firm responsible for creating FamilyExtra activities – to find out just what is involved in designing the perfect kids’ activity.

How do you research or generate new ideas for activities?

We constantly monitor the activity industry and keep our ears to the ground for the latest ‘craze’. We also ask holidaymakers for feedback, which helps to determine the wants and needs of Canvas customers. Alongside this, we develop existing activities to ensure they remain cutting edge.

How do you test new activities?

The In2Action team has a wealth of experience and a wide knowledge of what children want and need, and testing the newest toy or piece of equipment is a perk of our job!

Once tested on home soil, we trial the activity on a couple of campsites to ensure it meets customers’ expectations, and most importantly, our high standards of safety.

How do you approach safety?

At In2Action, it’s our highest priority. Our detailed safety policies and procedures are reviewed regularly. We carry out regular audits to make sure our activities are completely safe for holidaymakers.

What are the most popular activities?

Naturally the high profile activities such as Aeroball, Inflatable Canoes and WaterWalkerz attract a lot of attention! However, themed sessions like Wild West and Pirates Paradise are popular with our younger guests, while teenagers tend to go for our Raft Building or Survivor sessions.

WaterWalkerz - one of the most popular actvities

WaterWalkerz – one of the most popular actvities

Mind you, if you asked any child or teenager the highlight of their holiday, the answer is likely to be the Chocolate Party!

Do you have to be sporty to get involved with FamilyExtra?

Not at all! The FamilyExtra programme offers activities for everyone, ranging from creative and imaginative, to high-energy, high-adrenaline sessions. FamilyExtra couriers are trained to include everyone and ensure everyone has a great time.

How important is it to offer activities the whole family can get involved in?

So many families today have such little time to spend together at home, so having time together on holiday is often the main reason for coming away. Our tailor-made family programme gives families the chance to take part in a variety of activities, helping them create holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

family holidays with Canvas

Parachute games = great fun

We currently offer FamilyExtra activities on 10 campsites in France and Italy. Why not try it for yourself next summer?


  1. As a busy mum, it’s great to find holidays where there are plenty of activities to keep my energetic kids happy so I can get a chance to relax! We love to swim as a family but running around on holiday isn’t my thing – I do enough of that at home!

  2. It’s great to find holidays with plenty of activities to keep my energetic kids happy so I might get a chance to relax. We love to swim together as a family but I’m not into running around on holiday – I do enough of that at home!

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