Famous bridges in Europe

You may have heard that our local bridge, the Forth Road Bridge, is a bit poorly. There’s lots of chatter as people try to get from a to b with the closure of a major route so it got us thinking about the other beautiful bridges across Europe. As well as providing you with a way of getting from a to b, a lot of bridges are beautiful pieces of architecture too and make for a fantastic photograph!

Rialto Bridge, Venice

Rialto Bridge Venice

The Rialto Bridge is Venice’s most famous and oldest bridges. It was built in 1591 and its white stone façade is an iconic image for Venice around the world. It’s one of only four bridges that crosses the Grand Canal and this bridge is definitely the most photographed! There are fairly steep steps up to the top of the bridge and along each side under the archways are little shops. The highlight though is the fantastic views you get from the top overlooking the bustling Grand Canal.

The Bridge of Sighs, Venice

Bridge of Sighs

Also located in Venice, the name for the bridge is said to come from prisoners sighing as they took in their last glance over the city before their imprisonment. The bridge is made from beautiful white limestone and is enclosed which makes it rather unique. It links the new prison to the interrogation rooms in the stunning Doge’s Palace in the Piazza San Marco.

According to legend, if you kiss under the bridge (preferably in a gondola, of course) then you’ll be guaranteed eternal love.

Millau Viaduct, Aveyron, France

Tarn river between Millau

If you’ve got a head for heights, you’ll love the Millau Viaduct. It currently holds the world record for the tallest bridge – it’s 343 metres tall! The viaduct links Clermont-Ferrand with Béziers and Narbonne and is the cheapest way to get from Paris down to the Mediterranean. There are many ways to enjoy the structure without driving over it. One of the most popular ways is to take a paddle in a canoe down the River Tarn, passing underneath the Viaduct.

For fantastic views, with your feet firmly on the ground, there is a dedicated viewing area, with an information centre and a gastronomical area where you can sample food by a Michelin-starred chef.

Pont Neuf, Paris


Pont Neuf

The beautiful Pont Neuf is Paris’ oldest bridge across the River Seine. It was completed in 1607 but since then has undergone a lot of restoration, the most recent being completed in 2007, just in time to celebrate its 400th anniversary. The bridge, made up of small archways, connects the left bank and right back to the Île de la Cité.

Chapel Bridge, Lucerne

Chapel Bridge Lucerne

The Chapel Bridge is a covered bridge that stretches across the Reuss River in Lucerne. The bridge was renowned for being home to some 17th century paintings, although sadly some of these were destroyed, along with part of the bridge is a large fire in 1993. The bridge was restored and is now known as the oldest wooden covered bridge in Switzerland. It’s also the country’s main tourist attraction!

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