Banish the boredom – Christmas car games

Driving somewhere for Christmas can be even more stressful than a long journey to Europe for a summer holiday. At this time of year, excitement levels seem to go through the roof and keeping kids entertained on a journey feels almost impossible. We’ve adapted some of our favourite summer holiday car games for this festive time of year. After all, there’s only so many times you can listen to ‘Let it go’!

Christmas car

Name that festive tune

Everyone loves Christmas songs! Players take it in turn to hum a Christmas song and the others have to guess which song it is. The winner gets to go next. For young children, you could add ‘name the nursery rhyme’ into the mix too.

I spy

Possibly one of the most popular car journey games! Take it in turns to spy something on the journey. Maybe there will be some festive things to spot en route. “I spy with my little eye something beginning with S…”

Yes/no game

A simple concept and a lot of fun! Make it festive by deciding that it has to be something or someone related to the festive period. To play, one person thinks of something or someone (usually best to establish if it’s a person, a place or a thing first to save on those fun in-car disagreements!) Then the others ask questions to which can only be replied yes or no. You can either keep going until the person or item is guessed or see if anyone can get it after 20 questions.

Make your own Christmas song

A personal favourite and guaranteed a lot of laughs! One person is selected to create the song. The others have to name three items that the singer must mention in the song. For extra laughs, name the style of music that the festive ditty should be sung in. Christmas Opera anyone?

Car colours

Each person is allocated a colour and has to count the number of cars they spot in their colour, gaining a point for each car. Each person can also be allocated a different bonus vehicle – e.g a fire engine, ambulance or Santa’s sleigh… which gets a bonus 3 points. The first person to 10 points wins.

The alphabet game

Choose a theme – for example – ‘I went to the north pole’ or slightly easier ‘I went to the zoo’ and then work through the alphabet listing the various items. So player 1 starts  with ‘I went to the zoo and saw an antelope’, player 2 continues ‘I went to the zoo and I saw an antelope and a bear’ and so on. Each player has to remember the list and if an animal is forgotten that person gets knocked out of the game.

If you’ve got any more car games that you love playing, whether for your Christmas travel or for your summer getaway, we’d love to hear about them!

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  1. These are great! Some could even be Christmas party games.

    The game we used to play when I was a kid was to try and find license plates from as many states as possible.

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