New year travel resolutions for 2016

The beginning of a year is a funny time. It can be hard getting your head back in gear after a fun festive period, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll have been busy planning holidays and dreaming of where to travel to this year.

By this point, ‘resolutions’ can be a bit annoying but it’s nice to have some idea of things you want to do, change or achieve in the year. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve popped together some of our travel-related resolutions for 2016.

Travel more

Where’s on your ‘I’d love to visit’ list for this year?

If you can’t pinpoint one place, why not pick a few destinations or drive across Europe. Driving to a campsite in Croatia or Italy is a great way to see lots of Europe plus there are campsites dotted across France and Germany that you can stop off at on the way. Or pick a few places you’d like to stay for a few days and make an adventure of it! Combining adventure/ relaxation/ city break is a fab way to get a varied holiday experience.

Spend more time with family and friends

Kids & Dad on waterslide - Raguenes

It’s lovely spending time with friends and family full stop. But going on holiday with them can be a great experience as you’re able to spend time together in a relaxed environment away from the stresses of everyday life. The obvious benefit being that family are extremely useful if you’ve got children as they’re a much-loved extra pair of hands. But it’s also really nice eating together and having fun together – racing your dad or grandpa down the waterslides is always fun! Holidaying with friends is perfect because it means there’s always someone on hand to play with (for the kids) or have a drink and good natter with (for the grown-ups). Plus you can share the barbecuing!

The lodges on Berny Rivière are perfect for larger parties – they sleep up to 10 people in the 4 bedroom lodge.

Read more

deckchairsHolidays are the perfect opportunity to spend time getting stuck in to a great book. It can be hard to have the time in everyday life to really get stuck in to a story. Lying by the pool or on a beach under the sunshine is, in my opinion, one of life’s pleasures.

Pick a campsite with a fantastic pool complex or simply a lovely sunbathing terrace, pack some books, get a glass of something cold and relax! Campsites in the Languedoc have brilliant pools and beaches.

Visit a new city

Rome from the rooftopsSometimes a city break can cost a fortune which can be pretty off-putting but there are so many amazing cities to explore in Europe that it seems a shame to miss out. I’d always wanted to visit Venice and last year finally made it. We took a day trip from Lake Garda on the train and it was brilliant (and didn’t cost the earth!) A lot of the Canvas sites are close enough to cities that you can spend a day exploring and then escape back to the peace and calmness of your campsite. Cities within reach are Rome, Venice, Verona, Paris, BarcelonaAmsterdam and Florence.

Learn a new language

The best way to learn a new language is to fully immerse yourself in that country. But that can be quite hard when you’ve only got a two week holiday. We’ve found Duolingo to be great fun, really easy to use and a quick way to pick up bits of a new language. We’re all having a bash at learning French here at Canvas HQ. On holiday, even if you’re not fluent you can put your newly learned words to good use in shops and restaurants. A simple bonjour, merci, grazie or hola goes a long way!


  1. You should really visit Croatia! Mostly the seaside between Split and Dubrovnik. The sights are breathtaking! And the prices aren’t as expensive as in other european countries. Trust me 😀

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve been to that area of Croatia before and it really is stunning!! I’m hoping to get to the Istrian coast this year, I’d love to see Porec and Pula 🙂

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