Holidaying in the Loire: is it for me?

Situated in the north west of France, the Loire is most famous for having lots of castles, or châteaux in French. There’s over 300 Châteaux dotted around the region which are truly a sight to behold. You’ve probably heard of Châteaux de Chambord and Châteaux de Chenonceau – they’re two of the most beautiful! And that’s saying something as all 298 of the others are pretty impressive too!

Even if castles aren’t your thing, the Loire has plenty more to explore and enjoy!

Chateau de Chambord - smaller image

Beautiful Château de Chambord

So why should I visit the Loire?

For starters it’s nice and easy to reach from the UK and Ireland. We’ve got two campsites in this region and they’re both within 70 miles of an airport. If you fancy driving it, it’s around a six hour drive from Calais and the closest port is Caen, around 230 miles away.

What makes the Loire so special?

Mention the Loire to people and most people take on a dreamy look as they reminisce of holidays gone by. It’s very green with lots of rolling countryside and lots of fresh air which makes most people feel good. If you fancy getting away from it all, the Loire is a great place to do that.

Another thing that makes the Loire so special for Canvas holidaymakers is that both of the campsites have FamilyExtra! New for 2016 too, on Les Alicourts Resort, from 24 May to the end of June, we’re trying out a new programme called Zero2Five for the youngest holidaymakers.

The best thing about a holiday in the Loire, is that you can choose the pace – there’s lovely towns nearby, lots of activities on offer and enough châteaux to last a lifetime, but the weather’s pretty good here too, so if you want to relax, the pools are perfect for doing just that.

camping in the Loire

Loire Valley vineyards

What is there to do in the Loire?

Visit Châteaux

The châteaux are the main draw and if you only choose to visit one, make it Château de Chambord. The grounds are stunning and is the perfect place to wander, cycle or enjoy the surroundings with a picnic. Lots of wildlife live in the grounds including boars and deer so keep your eyes peeled!

On July 1 Chambord hosts a fantastic music and fireworks evening with one of the best orchestras in France. The fireworks will be accompanied by the music of Handel. More information about the event can be found here.

Loire à Velo

This famous Loire cycling path deserves a mention because it’s fantastic for everyone! You won’t find Tour de France-esque climbs in this part of France, but rather gentle cycling paths that go on for miles. How much or how little you do is entirely up to you! All routes are clearly signposted and are made up of quiet country roads or specially built trails.

Family cycle

Enjoy the French countryside!


The Loire is renowned for its fantastic tipple and has over 7,000 vineyards. The Wine House Cheverny is a great place to visit if you fancy finding out more about local wines and of course fancy having a taste.

ZooParc de Beaval

Voted the best zoo in France, and with great reviews from Canvas holidaymakers every year, this zoo is definitely worth a visit. It’s home to France’s only Pandas and many other endangered species. The parc is located south of Blois, around a one-hour drive from Château des Marais and around an hour and ten minutes from Les Alicourts Resort.

Lovely towns and villages

Take a drive or a cycle around and you’ll come across some pretty places to explore. Blois and Amboise are a couple of our favourites. Amboise has a wonderful laid back feel. It sits on the banks of the River Loire, underneath a fortified château. One of the Loire’s most famous châteaux – Chenonceau is a short drive from Amboise.


Amboise, nestled on the banks of the River Loire

What’s the weather like?

Temperatures sit around a lovely comfortable 21-28°c between May and July, with July being the hottest month.

Where can I stay?

Canvas has two campsites in the Loire:

  • Château des Marais in Chambord – it’s right next door to Château de Chambord! With everything you need from Mini-campers packs to FamilyExtra and a fab pool. The site is open from 21 May to 10 September.
  • Les Alicourts Resort in Pierrefitte – perfect for families with Mini-campers packs available and a spa for adults in need of extra relaxation! The site is open from 30 April to 3 September.

Is the Loire one of your favourite holiday spots? If so we’d love to hear why you love it so much! 

If you enjoyed this article, we’d love it if you would share it with friends and family that may find it interesting – thanks very much! 





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