Activities in the Vendée – old & new!

Alongside fantastic beaches, beautiful countryside and lively resorts, the Vendée is also a great place for fun days out. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites for a day out suitable for the whole family…or at least those without a fear of heights!

O’Gliss Waterpark – scheduled to open on 25 June 2016

Opening in June, O’Gliss Park, looks like it’s going to be a pretty fab waterpark! From artist impression images there’s a large ‘rock’ type thing in the middle of the park with lots of great looking slides coming out of it.

Situated next to the Indian Forest around 15 minutes from La Tranche-sur-Mer, the waterpark looks like it’s going to be fantastic for the whole family. According to their blog, it’s going to be separated into four parts – Lud’O Park, an area dedicated to children, Sunset beach, ExploralO with some wild rapids and Delir’Space, which is home to some thrilling water slides.

Indian Forest Adventure Park 

Treetop girl

This adventure park is fantastic for the whole family! There are four fantastic ‘Accrobranche’ treetop trails which suit everyone from the most timid in the family up to the most adventurous. For daredevils, the Water Jumps will surely get the adrenaline going. With a collection of jumps and slides ranging in lengths and heights, everyone over five years old (who’s brave enough) can join in!

A new ride has been launched for 2016 – The Crazy Race. From the sounds of it the cars have been modified to cause a bit of chaos! Who’ll be first over the finish line?

For a slightly calmer activity take the Mystery walk through the forest. Along the way try your hand at puzzles and learn about the world as you wander.

For little adventurers, this park will make them extremely happy – there are inflatable castles to explore and wooden adventure trails – all in complete safety.

Le Puy du Fou 

Puy du Fou

We couldn’t put together a list of the best things to do in the Vendée without mentioning Puy du Fou. A day at the park will take you on a journey through Vendéan history by way of many different shows and villages to walk through. Every year the park launches new shows and they never disappoint. During the peak summer months, the world’s biggest show ‘Cinéscenie’ is played out under the stars by 1,400 actors.  Over 11 million people have experienced it and the park receives rave reviews on TripAdvisor every year! New for 2016: Le Dernier Panache!

“Follow the glorious destiny of a French naval officer, a hero from the American War of Independence, whose life will change dramatically in 1793, in a last fight for freedom!”

Les Château des Aventuriers 

For young children, this place is fab for a pirate-themed day out in the grounds of a beautiful old château. In the grounds, you never know who or what you may encounter, keep your eyes peeled for dinosaurs lurking and lots of games to play. Take a picnic and make the most of the lovely surroundings.

Feeling Forest, St Hilaire de Riez 

Treetop trails are very popular in the Vendée and they are a great way for the family (3 years+) to spend time together doing something adventurous. There are 8 trails of varying difficulty throughout the park. For the bravest, the black course finishes with a bike ride across the highwire! For those under 6 years old there are lots of fun activites they can enjoy such as little boats, mini-golf, inflatable and a mini- wooden trail.

Canvas Holidays has 6 campsites in the Vendée.

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