Why camping is better than hotels

It’s National Camping Month and one question often put to us is ‘why should I choose camping over staying in a hotel?’ Well we have nine very good answers for you.

Number 1. Family time/bonding time

There’s nothing quite like camping to bring people closer together. Maybe it’s the break from modern life, time outdoors or the beautiful views, but there’s something quite magical about having time to tell stories, play games and enjoy the time go by with those nearest and dearest.


And later someone would be accidentally hit with that tennis ball…

Number 2. The views

Yes there may be some lovely scenery from beyond the hotel balcony, but it’s quite different from waking up immersed in the beauty of nature.


“If only we could live here…”

Number 3. Entertainment for the kids

Camping holidays are the perfect choice for families with young children. As well as an array of activities to keep youngsters amused, being out and about means they’ll be more likely to meet new friends.

family holidays with Canvas

Parachute games = great fun

Number 4. Eat when you want

*Breakfast is served between the hour you wake up to whenever you feel like it*

Unlike staying at a hotel, camping gives you the freedom to eat what you want and when you want. Forget setting an alarm so you don’t miss breakfast, wake up when it suits you and fire up a cooked brekkie on the BBQ.

Barbecue Sausages

Anyone for sausages?

Number 5. Relaxation

When camping you get the sense of feeling at one with nature, minus the noises of people walking down corridors or creaky air-conditioning. It’s just you and the elements.

Lodges-View-13 Berny

Number 6.  Happy Campers

Camping is good for mental health and can increase happiness. Research has shown that spending more time outdoors has a positive impact on psychological wellbeing.


It was all smiles at the campsite 🙂

A study from Liverpool John Moores University revealed 93% of campers said camping can make you happier.

According to Dr Kaye Richard, an outdoor educator from the university, “Camping allows us to get away from the routines – and relative comforts – of our daily lives. And even though camping and caravanning today is a much more comfortable experience thanks to modern equipment and facilities, the simple fact that we have taken ourselves out of our normal environment and into a different one, surrounded by nature, means we act, think and even communicate differently with each other.”

Number 7. Getting away from technology

Hotel’s often boost high speed WI-FI connections, but why go all the way on holiday to be glued to social media? With camping holidays, even if there is a WI-FI connection, there’s so much else to see and do it’s unlikely you’ll even want to look at Facebook.


Not an iPad in sight

Number 8. Best of both worlds

Camping doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on luxuries. Canvas now offers the chance to stay in the Safari Tend Deluxe. These luxury tents are fully plumbed, offering a shower, sink and toilet facilities, as well as a lounge and kitchen/dining areas. There’s two bedrooms and best of all – the beds are fully made up for when you arrive!

Safari tent

Glamping anyone?

Number 9. Meeting others

Unlike hotels, where a lot of people stick to their own groups, camping can be a very social experience where you can connect with people from all over – that includes the local wildlife!

La Grande MŽtairie

Meet your new neighbours – they’re a bit nosey

Find out more about how awesome camping holidays are here. 

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