The 3 best things about booking a last minute holiday

Getting a great price

Money is as good a motivator as any, so leaving things last minute could be a great shout. As there’s limited availability when we come into peak season, being flexible with your dates and destination means you can pick up a great deal. And being able to leave at the drop of a hat will do wonders for your holiday funds – just think of all the extra excursions you’ll be able to afford!

Young boys with red suitcase

Turning your daydream into tomorrow

We’ve all been there, those long, uneventful days sitting at your desk, you look out the window and it’s cold, damp and downright disappointing. Then you go online and see one of your friends has just uploaded a batch of their latest holiday photos looking tanned and having the best time while you’re stuck at home.

Presuming you can be flexible with taking time off, what’s stopping you from trading this scene for one on a white sandy beach, cocktail in hand and the sun beaming down? Absolutely nothing. Cue the holiday selfies.

Poolside cocktail

Being spontaneous

Regularly doing something spontaneous can have incredible mental and physical benefits. Going somewhere new and meeting new people is also a great happiness booster. Embrace mindfulness and live in the moment, why wait months to enjoy yourself? Often the less time spent planning, the less stress involved.


Although you may be booking your holiday at the last minute, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a little prepared.

Try to have a rough idea of your preferred destinations and resorts so that you can refine your search easily. It’s also good to be flexible with your method of travel. Flights can be expensive but taking the ferry could prove really cost effective and means you can also take your car – a welcome for extra luggage room.

Ready to take the plunge and book a last minute holiday? Check out some of our July bargains.

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