Meet Amy

We’re so exited to be working with a fantastic group of bloggers. They’re a friendly bunch, who all love Canvas Holidays as much as we do! You’ll be hearing more from them over the next few months, so we thought it would be a good idea to introduce them properly.

We’ve asked each of them to tell us about themselves and their families, and what working for Canvas Holidays means to them. 

About Amy

I’m a busy Mum to my 5 little ones, and wife to a long suffering husband. I have 4 girls, ages 11, 10, 8 and 7, and my youngest who is 6 is my son.

I’ve just completed my degree in journalism (with first class honours), and am now studying for a masters in creative writing. It’s hard managing my time, but my dream job is to do something in the industry.

  • I started my blog…

Because I really wanted to write about being a parent and what it was really like. I started writing just before the birth of my 4th daughter in 2009 and have kept it going since then.

  • My favourite childhood holiday memory…

Staying at my Grandparents house and climbing the tree in the back garden. I would spend hours in the garden writing, playing, or making dens.

  • My favourite Canvas memory is…

… all of my children, myself, and my husband swimming and playing in the pool with the sun shining. The water was glistening and all I could hear was them laughing and splashing.

  • I can’t go on a family holiday without…

Plenty of spare shorts and t-shirts for the children, they’re easy to pack and take up only a bit of space.

  • Ultimate road trip tune…

Soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy

  • A message from my family…

We love Mummy being a Canvas Blogger, she lets us record fun things and then we can see her make films and pictures that are great to watch.

  • One thing you might not know about me…

I am part of the Lay team at our local church and also a member of the Town Centre Chaplaincy. I always have time to listen to people share their stories and their lives.

  • What being a #CanvasBlogger means to me…

I’m very proud to be a Canvas Blogger. Canvas provide quality, fun, and affordable holidays for large families like myself. Going away as a family of seven can be tricky, but Canvas make holidays something to look forward to instead of worrying if we can all fit in one room.

  • Our family holiday tradition…

A BBQ is always had on our first night away, whether we are camping in Scarborough or in Sunny France, it’s so much fun to share a meal outside.

Read Amy’s blog here:

She’s also on Twitter and Instagram.

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