Meet Amanda…

We’re so exited to be working with a fantastic group of bloggers. They’re a friendly bunch, who all love Canvas Holidays as much as we do! You’ll be hearing more from them over the next few months, so we thought it would be a good idea to introduce them properly.

We’ve asked each of them to tell us about themselves and their families, and what working for Canvas Holidays means to them. 

Meet Amanda

Hi I’m Amanda from the lifestyle blog The Ana Mum Diary; I’m also part of a collaborative travel blog called We Blog Travel. I’ve been blogging for 5 years, it’s been fun, but hard work… the best things are though I think.

I’m mum to two gorgeous girls Miss A and Nia who are 6 and 13. We are a family that loves travel and discover new places.

  • I started my blog… 

Because I wanted to capture my family life, to be a photographer, and share my experiences. It’s turned into so much more. It’s my profession and I love it even more than I did back them. I mostly now blog about lifestyle, interiors and travel. I still love photography and I’ve gathered a collection of gorgeous photographs and wonderful memories because of blogging over the years.

  • My favourite Canvas memory / feature is… 

Well, what we want to test out are all of the facilities at the site. Nia can’t wait to get in the amazing pools, and Miss A wants to make holiday friends and the kids clubs. Me? I can’t wait to see the accommodation we will be staying in. After being on a press trip and seeing what’s on offer on a Canvas holiday, I am sure we will all love the Canvas experience.

  • I can’t go on a family holiday without… 

My camera, without a doubt the most important thing to me.

  • Ultimate road trip tune… 

Fast Car – Tracy Chapman. Ironic really as I don’t drive!

  • A message from my family… 

The girls wanted to say a huge thank you to Canvas for this opportunity. Be prepared Camping Village Portofelice, we are coming to get you!

  • What being a #CanvasBlogger means to me… 

It means I can experience a holiday with my children this summer that I know will be fun filled. We can’t wait!

  • Our family holiday tradition…

Hmmm, well the rules are broken on holiday. Lazy morning and late nights are the norm, as is a cheeky vino for me in the evening.

You read Amanda’s blogs here:

She is also on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

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