Meet Laura

We’re so exited to be working with a fantastic group of bloggers. They’re a friendly bunch, who all love Canvas Holidays as much as we do! You’ll be hearing more from them over the next few months, so we thought it would be a good idea to introduce them properly.

We’ve asked each of them to tell us about themselves and their families, and what working for Canvas Holidays means to them. 

Meet Laura

I have been blogging as ‘Tired Mummy of Two’ for nearly six years now and I started as a way of recording my memories and our life. I was one of those people who always wanted to create a baby scrapbook and bought all the pieces but gave up when I realised how much crafting was involved. Writing about our life and capturing it on camera was something I really enjoyed but being part of the blogging community was what really appealed to me.

Blogging as Tired Mummy of Two has given us lots of wonderful opportunities, and the chance to visit foreign soil is one of the ones I treasure most. I didn’t travel much as a child so being able to show my children the world whilst exploring it myself makes all the late nights working worthwhile.

We went on our first Canvas Holiday last year and I was amazed by the quality of the accommodation and the facilities. The fact we could just fill our car with everything we needed and head over the Channel made it a lot easier.

Being a #CanvasBlogger means that I get to visit some beautiful places whilst being able to take the holiday at our own pace, if we want a day of action packed fun then that is never far away but if we want to just relax on resort and chill out with a BBQ we can do that too.


Read Laura’s blog at

She is also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and Instagram

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