Why we love Canvas Holidays

Laura Seaton is a blogger at Tired Mummy of Two and part of our #CanvasBloggers programme. We asked Laura (and her children) to tell us what makes a perfect holiday for them – here’s what they said. 

We travel a lot and have experienced a lot of different types of holidays, finding the right type of holiday for a family can be a bit of a challenge as you need to think about so many things that all join together to create that perfect break. Finding somewhere that provides spacious accommodation, fantastic activities, value for money and a huge sense of adventure can take time, but luckily we are here to help.


When asking Elizabeth (8) and Alison (6) what their favourite holiday memories are I was surprised to find that it was some of the simplest things.

Elizabeth: “I loved toasted Marshmallows over the BBQ as they went all stringy and gooey. It was really fun.”

Alison: “I love it when we have a park nearby so we can play together at any time of the day.”

Accommodation is always important to us grown ups, but the kids don’t consider it a priority. Whether we are in a tent, a mobile home, hotel or a lodge, they are always happy but even they admit to loving it when we opt for self-catering. For kids, being able to eat their favourite home-cooked food can make a huge difference, and not having strict times for food works well for families too.

Elizabeth: “I really enjoy going to supermarkets in different countries and seeing all the different foods. We really enjoyed putting sprinkles on our breakfast in the Netherlands and trying all the different meats on the BBQ in France. I even ate rabbit kebabs and tried duck sausages, but I wasn’t keen on them.”

Keeping busy on holiday isn’t really a priority, but having plenty to do is important. It is a fine line between relaxation and boredom when you have kids. I find my kids want to have the option to be busy even if they don’t use all of the facilities.

Alison: “When we go on holiday I love going swimming as we don’t do it at home very often, I also enjoy playing in the sand or running around.”

Elizabeth: “I really like going on holiday where there is a kids club as it allows me to make friends and try new things.”

The key to a perfect family holiday is making sure the kids will be happy and doing things together as a family helps to make brilliant memories too. We have had so many fun family adventures whilst on a Canvas holiday, from canoeing on a lake, to riding a rollercoaster, paddling on a man-made beach and zooming down waterslides. With Canvas Holidays you can find the perfect foreign holiday location with a range of accommodation options and activities to fit any budget, and to make it even better they are all in fabulous locations that allow you to explore the country of your choice from an amazing base.

Get creative and tell us your ultimate holiday experience and you could win a Canvas Holiday worth £1,500. All the details on how to enter our writing competition are here: http://www.canvasholidays.co.uk/writingcomp.

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