Scarlett’s guide to a Canvas Holiday

Vix Ward is a blogger at Truly, Madly Kids, and one of our #CanvasBloggers. We asked her children, Scarlett and Violet, to tell us what makes a perfect family holiday. Here’s what they said. 

My name is Scarlett and I am 11 years old. My little sister is Violet and she is 7. When we found out we were going on a Canvas Holiday, Violet was most excited about being close to Disneyland!

I, on the other hand, was most excited for a break from school and, as I love swimming, to spend all week lazing in and by the pool with my Harry Potter books. Mummy made us a really nice dinner one night followed by all three of us snuggling on the couch with her computer open on the Canvas website. We had a look where we were staying and what we could do. At that point mummy said she’d made a mistake and should have booked our holiday for two weeks instead of one.

We drove down to London and stayed overnight near to the ferry so we could get there first. It took about 2 and half hours to get to our campsite so not too bad really. La Croix du Vieux Pont shocked me, I wasn’t expecting it to be so big! We’d only been camping once in England and it was horrible and rainy. We were shown to our mobile home and after we unpacked everything, we went exploring. Violet took about 2 minutes to make friends on site with the children right next door to us and we hung out with these them all week.

Mum had arranged for us to do a few day trips but, to be honest, we wouldn’t have minded if we spent all week on the campsite. I think I went on the water slide about a million gazillion times. We danced in the disco every night busting some moves but we were still first in line to get into the pool area every morning.

The thing we enjoyed the most was the food. Cakes and crepes were our absolute faves and we had BBQ every night! Not really a holiday for mummy having to cook every day but she said that the sun shining made all the difference.

There was so much to do and loads of activities but we were just happy doing our own thing. It was the best holiday we’ve ever had.

Violet’s 5 must haves on holiday

  • Summer clothes (well duh!)
  • Arm bands for the pool
  • iPad (agreed)
  • Mummy (yep)
  • Sun cream (yep, she still managed to burn her head)

Scarlett’s 5 must haves on holiday

  •  Phone (to get those EPIC holiday selfies!)
  • Swimming costume/bikini (more than one)
  • Books, books and more books (can you tell I love books?)
  • Towels (more than one)
  • Phone charger (to charge the phone you’re going to take EPIC holiday selfies with)!

Read all about our holiday and see more pictures here…

Get creative and tell us your ultimate holiday experience, and you could win a Canvas Holiday worth £1,500. All the details on how to enter our writing competition are here:


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