Perfect Holiday Adventures with Canvas – By Miles Williams, aged 10

Back in September Canvas launched a writing competition for youngsters up to the age of 12. The brief was to write about their ideal holiday for the chance to win a £1500 Canvas Holidays voucher. Despite many superb entries, one in particular stood out from Miles Williams (10) from Surrey. Read the winning entry from Miles below. 


Miles Williams on holiday at Berny

One of the places I have loved is Berny Riviere because there is so much to do and you never get bored on the site. For me it’s just the perfect holiday as there is always something to do and always loads to look forward to.

My three favourite things to do are to go swimming, go to the beach lake and of course go to the kids clubs where there are so many different things to do.

Other things I like on site are making lots of friends, playing table tennis, going on the boating lake and eating out at restaurants.

I have also been to a few historical places, towns and museums. It is mainly my dad who enjoys the historical places but we don’t mind going with him! Places like the Cavern du Dragon, which was fun because it was all underground, and the Musee Territoire. Trips out that me, my brothers and sister have enjoyed more are days out to Paris, Disneyland and Parc Asterix. I loved the big rides most.

The food at Berny Riviere is great too. Sometimes we have barbecues, but my favourites are the Berny burgers, the pizza and the onsite restaurant. My mum and dad also love relaxing at the beach bar having a cocktail while we play on the beach.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had four Canvas adventures at Berny Riviere, and every time we’ve found new things to do. Normally the weather has been good. Not this year! We went at the end of May when France was having lots of rain and lots of flooding. We didn’t see the sun once. The sun would have been nice but it didn’t really matter.

There was loads to do still and we had loads of fun. My dad managed to cook on the barbecue a couple of times, even though we had to eat it inside, and we still had loads of fun in the pools. I can’t wait to return for another perfect adventure.



  1. A fantastic description of a lovely holiday with lots of activities, places to visit and meals enjoyed with family and friends Well done Miles

  2. Couldn’t have summed it up better myself. We have been about 10 times and are going again in May this year. Hope the weathers better but still found plenty to do. Stayngin the new safari plus tents this year.

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