Canvas Converts: Ana Mum Diary swaps home comforts for campsite comforts

This week our special guest blogger is Amanda Cottingham of the Ana Mum Diary blog. She tells us about her own memorable #CanvasConverts experience.

It’s over two years since I visited a Canvas site for the first time.  I enjoyed it so much I went back to one this summer too.  I wasn’t sure what to expect if I’m honest. I imagined that the facilities would be basic, that it probably wouldn’t be for me and I was prepared to be disappointed.  I don’t want that to sound harsh, but when I thought of a ‘campsite’ back then, I remembered ones I had visited in the UK, 20 plus years ago and that I vowed never to visit again.

You see, I’m not someone who camps, I like my home comforts, and the holidays that we choose as a family tend to be in hotels and villas and are busy trips that fill our days with adventures. I didn’t think Canvas would be able to fulfill what my family needs in a break.

How wrong could I be! I’ve just looked back on some diary notes that I wrote at the time, and underlined and in capitals are three words: beautiful, relaxing and fun.


You see what I hadn’t realised was that Canvas really are the experts (50 years of experience in fact) they know what their customers want, they provided it, and then some.  On that first trip I was blown away by the standard of accommodation (none of which included staying in a naff two man tent, phew!) the facilities and what they could offer to families. I tried new things, I relaxed, spent time with new friends and got to visit the gorgeous local area.


I remember walking around the site early one morning to blow away the cobwebs after an evening of great food and cocktails over looking the beach.  I remember so fondly seeing the quiet bustle of families on their way to the onsite bakery to pick up breakfast. Kids going to the children’s club, others riding bikes, going for a swim or heading down to the beach.  It was like a small friendly holiday community. People smiling and saying hello in different languages.


Canvas sites, in my experience, attract people from all over Europe. I love that my children get to spend time and make new friends with other children from different countries. Friendship at a young age is a mutual understanding I think, there doesn’t even need to be an understanding of what one another is saying, though it is great when they pick up words and phrases from one another.

That morning was my Canvas convert moment. Picturesque and peaceful surroundings but also lively with lots to keep you entertained.  The perfect combination for my family and me.

 Did you relate to Amanda? Tell us on social media about how you became one of the #CanvasConverts. We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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