Half-term togetherness

Blogger and busy mum of two, Nadine Hill shares her experience of her family’s recent Canvas Holiday in Italy.  Nadine writes at www.JuggleMum.co.uk about family life with her husband, teenage daughter and tweenage son.

All I can hope for my family is that they are happy and healthy. As a mum, it is my job to look after them all, making a warm and welcoming home for them, providing an ear to listen to their problems and help with suggestions where I can, and taking care of the family in a practical way, so that everyone thrives. In our busy lives I often find the weeks containing work and school go by so fast in a blur of tasks and to-dos, so we really count on our holidays to bring us all together, back into the fold, to restore and renew us to go back out into the world again and live another day.

My family and I recently returned from a week long Canvas Holidays break in Italy, staying on the banks of the beautiful Lake Garda. For my children, the break came at the end of an unusually long half term at school and they were looking forward to and excited for our holiday. When I asked them about what they most enjoyed and were anticipating about this holiday, their answers blew me away. Over to them…

Isabella (13) said:

“I love going on holiday and swimming in the pool, going to the beach and having time to watch my favourite shows on my iPad so for me, I need to know that I can get on the Wi-Fi! At Camping Bella Italia there was a bar called Diego’s and Dad took me and my brother a few times because we could get one hour’s Wi-Fi for one euro. It was a sports bar so he could watch the match and he’d buy us a Diet Coke and himself a beer! Mum would be resting at the Moda or out taking photos, she did that a lot this holiday. We went to two different spas and had a great time, the water was so warm, even at night. The first spa we went to had free Wi-Fi so I loved it there!”

Jensen (8) said:

“I was looking forward to going to Gardaland in Italy and also having ice cream and pizza as these are my favourite foods! The campsite was cool – they had these really bouncy trampolines and we could go really high on them. We did that a few times and we drove around a lot too. I liked going to Steak ‘n’ Shake as I got a massive chocolate milkshake there, but what I enjoyed most about the holiday was sharing a room with Isabella!”

Isn’t that gorgeous? I know my children have a strong bond with each other but hearing my son say how much he loved sharing a room with his sister made my heart sing! She liked it too but I think she was glad it was only for a week, then she’s back in her own room at home – she does like her space!

Our holidays are when we make our best memories, the things that we laugh about in the times we are at home. They have always been the times when our children would grow too, I don’t mean physically, but in their outlook, manners and abilities. They see the way other children behave and the different sights, sounds and experiences seem to give them more perspective that they take home with them.

Family holidays aren’t just about getting some rest, they are also about reconnecting, having fun and watching your children flourish in a new environment. For them it may be about the pizza and chocolate milkshake, but what it’s really about is being close with each other.

You can follow Nadine on twitter @JuggleMumBlog 


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