Canvas Converts: Debunking the camping myths

If you’re not a regular camper, the prospect of ditching your home comforts to spend a fortnight in the wild might (understandably) get the goosebumps going.

Which is exactly why Canvas Holidays couldn’t be further from this old-school camping perception. After all, you don’t spend over 50 years organising camping holidays without learning a trick or two.

So, to encourage would-be campers to reconnect with nature and overcome any previous stereotypes and misconceptions, it’s time to dispel some of our favourite camping myths. Read on and you might just become one of the next #CanvasConverts.


1 Why would I camp when I could stay in a hotel? Far from being a poor-man’s accommodation option, camping offers holidaymakers an entirely different travel experience. So if the idea of a family digital detox and the chance to reignite your collective imagination whilst feeling closer to nature appeals, we’ve a wide range of non-traditional camping options that we’re pretty sure might fit the bill. All that’s missing is the overpriced minibar.

Les tours

Will I have to invest in a whole suite of camping materials? The short answer is no. All our high-quality tent options are fully equipped, from their modern kitchen facilities and electric lighting to comfortable beds. Pillows are also supplied and we can even provide bed linen and towels if you’d prefer not to bring your own.

Safari tent

Will my family be cramped together into one bedroom? Only if you want to be! All our super spacious tents and mobile homes have at least two bedrooms and can sleep up to seven comfortably. And if you’re travelling with more people in tow, our four-bedroom lodges sleep up to ten making them perfect for extended families or two families sharing.


I’ll miss having a real bathroom too much: The good news is that all our campsites have well-equipped toilet and shower facilities that are just a short walk from our tent emplacements, whilst most of our other accommodations offer you your very own fully plumbed shower room and toilet. So the kids will have no excuse to duck out of washing whilst they’re away.


I can’t face cooking dinner hunched over a tiny gas stove every night: That’s lucky – few of our guests do, so you’re going to fit right in. Whilst our most ‘basic’ tents have a fridge and hob in their modern open-plan living / kitchen area – ideal for those with an appetite for a more authentic camping experience – the Maxi Tents and Safari Tent Deluxe alternatives each boast a four-ring cooker with grill. Our mobile homes, lodges and apartments, meanwhile, have fully-equipped kitchens offering all the comforts of home. That said, it is meant to be a holiday, which is why you’ll find a restaurant, bar and shop across most sites.


Camping’s just for families: Actually, with many of our sites located near beaches, golf courses and vineyards – as well as being handy for city exploring – our flexible holidays are equally ideal for couples looking to holiday during term-time or catch the last rays of summer.

Couple in Venice

Won’t we go stir crazy being on top of each other? Ah, that’s the beauty of holidaying with Canvas – our well-equipped campsites are brimming with everything your party could possibly need to keep all ages amused. From walking to water sports, cycling to circus skills and golf to tennis, families are free to dial up or down the activity element of their getaway.  And if you don’t buy into the ‘families that play together, stay together’ mantra, we’ve also got a host of kids clubs and action-packed teen-focused programmes to ensure parents have plenty of opportunity to relax.

family holidays with Canvas

So what are you waiting for? Find your inspiration for your perfect Canvas Holidays getaway here.  And tell us on social media about how you became one of the #CanvasConverts. We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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