“If this is camping, then count me in”


This week guest blogger Kate Sutton talks about how a holiday to Berny Rivière converted her family into camping enthusiasts. 

I admit it, I’m not a natural camper. I like the luxuries in life … like running water, electricity and oh my god definitely air conditioning. The last time I went camping I had a panic attack at four in the morning when I couldn’t find the zip to get out of my two-man pop-up tent (which, for the record, most definitely wouldn’t fit two men.) So after that, I decided enough was enough. I’m 46, I don’t need to pretend I like something I don’t.

Having said that, I like (and need) holidays that provide enough activities so that my 12-year-old son can never utter those immortal words that us parents cannot abide – “I’m bored Mum.” And that’s what Canvas Holidays gives us as a family.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first went on a Canvas Holiday. Would it be row upon row of row of tents with everyone sharing one shower? Well no, quite the opposite. My first trip with Canvas was to Camping la Croix du Vieux Pont, in Berny Rivière, France and when we arrived, we found the site really peaceful, almost tranquil. Set in a parkland with surrounding trees, hedges and lots of greenery, it really was very beautiful. There was even a man-made beach in the middle of the resort that was shallow enough for all the children to enjoy. OK, and me too.


But most importantly, there were a couple of restaurants, a pizzeria and a supermarket on site, so any cooking I did was very limited. Think pain aux raisins for breakfasts, pizza for lunch and an evening meal in the restaurant for dinner – now that’s my idea of a holiday.

The second resort we went to was Camping Village Portofelice in Italy. Yes, there were tents there to stay in if that’s your thing, and I’ll be honest, if my children were younger, I might just give it another go, but we were lucky enough to stay in one of the brand new Moda mobile homes that had every mod con you could want. A big fridge/freezer (big enough to store all the fizzy red wine we bought from the on-site supermarket for €2 a bottle), an oven (that I didn’t use, I’m on holiday after all), a microwave, hob, air conditioning … and the most powerful shower I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Not once did I hear, “I’m bored.” There was a football pitch, basketball court, ping pong tables, and a children’s club that catered for every age … and all nestled next to a small woodland right by a beautiful beach. It was simply wonderful.

As for me, I spent every evening on the decking of my Moda home, drinking Aperol Spritzes, sharing the most delicious salami pizzas and playing cards with my friends and family.

If this is camping, then count me in.

Feel inspired by Kate’s blog? Find your perfect Canvas Holidays getaway here.  And tell us on social media about how you became one of the #CanvasConverts. We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also follow Kate on twitter @IAmWitWitWoo

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