5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Easter in Europe

The Easter break is a great time for a get away with the kids off school, the arrival of Spring and even the sun making a few more appearances! We’ve been looking at the ways Easter is celebrated in some of our favourite destinations, and discovered some very unique traditions!



Ostersonntag in Germany:

Germans, like us, spend their Easter painting and decorating eggs and arranging egg hunts for children. You will definitely be feeling the spirit of Spring as all across the country Germans decorate and display their elaborately decorated eggs on trees and bushes known as Ostereierbaum as well as on public wells and fountains, or Osterbrunnen. Another German custom is to gather around large bonfires on the eve of Easter Sunday. In the past these displays were said to symbolize the coming of Spring and it was widely believed that the light of the fire would protect homes from misfortune. Celebrate Ostersonntag from any of our campsites in Germany.


The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore where the Explosion of the Cart takes place

Pasqua in Italy:

Italy goes all out in its Easter celebrations with festivities taking place all through the Holy Week, including street parades and processions that stretch from city to city. In Florence on Easter Sunday morning, the Explosion of the Cart takes place. A large wagon filled with fireworks is pulled by white oxen to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore where it is lit by a dove-shaped rocket and erupts into a stunning sparkling display. If you fancy experiencing an explosive Easter Sunday, Florence is just a short drive away from most of our Tuscany campsites. If you’re at one of our campsites in Rome, then do make sure you visit St Peter’s Square at the Vatican on Good Friday for one of the biggest Easter celebrations in the world – the Pope’s mass and procession.

Pâques in France:

While French Easter is quite similar to British tradition with decadent chocolate eggs, rabbits and bells found in the shops, one particular town really takes Easter celebrations to another level. In the commune of Haux in South West France, every Easter Monday they take more than 4,500 eggs and turn them into one gigantic omelette. It is cooked in the main square in the biggest pan you’ll probably ever see. If you’re egg-stremely curious to taste that omelette, then check out our South West campsites within driving distance of Haux.

Pasen in the Netherlands:

Easter marks the end of Winter and the celebration of Spring’s arrival and where better to get into the spirit than surrounded by beautiful flowers. Keukenhof Gardens, just outside of Amsterdam, has fields upon fields of tulips in every colour imaginable. The rainbow fields of tulips are a popular place for locals and tourists to spend their Easter welcoming the new season. Did you know the Dutch have been providing the tulips to the Vatican for the Pope’s Easter mass for years, making the tulip a symbol of Easter. Keukenhof Gardens is within driving distance from our campsite in Holland.

Uskrs in Croatia:

In Croatia, the egg is also an important symbol and you’ll see many beautifully decorated eggs about. Croatian Easter games can get a little competitive with children engaging in egg fights. The game involves tapping your hard-boiled egg against your opponent’s with the aim to break theirs and keep yours intact. The game keeps going until all eggs are broken and the last person with an intact egg wins. If you’re ready for a competitive Easter take a look at our Croatian campsites.

Keep in mind that, depending on the country, businesses in your local area may be closed at points during the Easter holiday weekend including banks, supermarkets and restaurants.

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